We love to constantly learn and improve our techniques, technology, and knowledge here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic. We strive to offer the very best dental care possible which is why we invest so heavily in staff training, our recently refurbished clinic, and our state-of-the-art technology.

We also thoroughly love to give back to the dental industry, whether it’s through our publications, lecturing, work with universities and our regular series of dental courses. By running our own dental courses, we can share knowledge with our colleagues in the wider dental industry for the purpose of advancing dentistry as a whole.

Our upcoming courses are:

9th / 10th December 2022
Kiel, Germany
Dental Student Course

Dr. Harder, PhD and Prof. Mehl will invite dental students of the 10th Semester to join our two-day implant prosthetics training course in Kiel, Germany.
In the course, we would like to discuss the latest developments and therapy concepts from practice and science in the treatment of dental implants.

May 2023 (Exact date to be announced in early 2023)
Munich, Germany
Digital Dentistry

In this practical course, we would like to explore the possibilities of digital dentistry in combination with implantology/implant prosthetics and create a practical overall concept. We also focus on the biological prerequisites for long-term aesthetic and functional success in implantology and implant prosthetics. Exact digital planning and thus early visualization of the treatment result in greater patient acceptance for extensive and complex implant prosthetic treatment. We look forward to an exciting event!

June 2023 (Exact date to be announced early 2023)
Munich, Germany
Course on fixed teeth in a day

Patients are increasingly specifying the treatment parameters in implantology. They have higher demands today and have extensive information on the subject of any restoration. The financial framework also plays a role in the decision for or against therapy with implants an important role. But why not use this as an opportunity? 

With this course, we would like to offer you and your dental technicians an easy and safe way how you can give patients with edentulous and partially edentulous jaws more zest for life. This intensive course is illustrated with live surgery and technical demonstrations. The team of speakers is made up of dentists and dental technicians who will explain in detail the surgical and prosthetic procedures. 

15th June 2023
Kiel, Germany
Implantology in the 21st Century

Implantology and digitisation have revolutionized dental practice in recent years. In this practice-oriented course, we would like to turn the possibilities of digital implantology into a practical overall concept. We focus on the biological prerequisites for long-term aesthetic and functional success in implantology and implant prosthetics. Immediate implantation and care will be a particular focus. Based on the speaker’s 15 years of clinical and scientific experience, we will show you the fantastic possibilities that are now available in implantology.

Enquiries about courses and lectures

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Past course material

Below is a list of course material from previous sessions to give you a flavour of the type of information, detail and techniques we go through in our courses: