Case Study: Root Canal treatment, extractions and full ceramic bridge

In this case, we followed our usual careful planning methods for dental restoration. The elderly patient was comfortable with making several visits as long as each session was kept brief. At the outset, we took a series of diagnostic photographs, scanned both dental arches, and captured the digital bite. Mr Leventi then created a detailed digital model and a temporary PMMA eggshell bridge.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

In the following appointment, we addressed all areas of decay, prepared the teeth for the full arch bridge, and removed any teeth that couldn’t be saved. We then fitted the temporary eggshell bridge. The stability of the PMMA bridge allowed us to perform root canal treatments on teeth with infections or deep cavities. After a six-month healing period, we took the final impressions and placed the custom-stained and glazed full ceramic zirconia bridge. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent fit of the bridge, and I extend my gratitude to Gianluigi and the milling centre in Italy for their meticulous work in perfecting the ceramic material.


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