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Our patient consultation fees.

This is our page for consultation fees, here you will find the price for any treatment at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic.

New Patient Consultations:

Our patients have a 30–45-minute consultation as well as an estimated price of the suggested treatment. We will examine the soft tissue and bone in the mouth to assess what treatment is necessary.  Panoramic and small X-rays will be included in the cost.

Cost: From £180

Endodontic consultation:

During your 45-minute appointment, an endodontist will inquire about your symptoms, dental history, and lifestyle. They will examine to diagnose the issue and you’ll learn about the next steps and potential costs.

Cost: From £180

Extraction consultation:

Our appointments take 45 minutes, we will examine the affected tooth needing to be extracted, and then they will discuss all the operational risks and benefits. Panoramic or small X-rays are included as is a treatment estimate.

Cost: From £180

New patient consultation for children (up to 14 years of age):

Our consultation for children can take between 15-30. We will examine the teeth, gums, soft tissues, the TMJ (joints) and face. Panoramic or small X-rays are included as well as a treatment estimate.

Cost: From £120  

Recall examination for returning patients (15 minutes):

Our examinations will take 15 minutes. The teeth, the gums, soft tissue, the TMJ (joints) and the face will be examined. Small and panoramic X-rays are included in the cost, as is an estimated cost of treatment (if further treatment is needed).

Cost: From £135

Recall examination including X-rays (30 minutes):

Appointments last around 30 minutes, for an examination covering the teeth, gums, soft tissues, TMJ (joints), and facial areas. Both small and panoramic X-rays are within the appointment cost. If there’s a requirement for further treatment, an estimated treatment cost will be provided.

Cost: From £150


CBCT provides a three-dimensional X-ray view, offering comprehensive insights into teeth and bone structures. After the scan, you’ll receive a CD containing the data, for your personal use.

Cost: From £150

CBCT plus report X-ray

The CBCT is a three-dimensional X-ray perspective, revealing details of teeth and bone structures. You’ll receive a CD containing the data for your personal use, and a report explaining our findings.

Cost: From £350


In our X-ray consultation, we will assess your teeth, face, gums, soft tissue and TMJ (joints) to see if an X-ray is necessary.

Cost: From £20

If you are seeking out one of our treatments, we provide flexibility when paying. Our treatments can be paid in several ways, including cash, card, transfer, or AMEX.  Financer, Tabeo Finance and Dental Finance can also help you pay your treatment fees. Our finance option is there for those with less disposable income, breaking down the cost and making treatment accessible.