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Oral Medicine Fees

On this page, you will find the fees for our oral medicine treatments.


If there is suspicion of a potentially harmful process, we can perform a biopsy and send the tissue sample to a laboratory for histological examination.

Cost: From £350

Histopathology and report

If we have concerns about a malignant process, we can perform a biopsy and forward it to a laboratory for histological assessment.

Cost: From £450

If you’re inquiring about our treatments, we offer a range of payment options designed to accommodate your preferences. You can settle the cost of your treatment using different methods, including cash, credit cards, or even American Express. Furthermore, we have established a partnership with Tabeo Finance to assist you in managing your treatment fees. Our financing alternative is specifically tailored for individuals with limited disposable income, making it convenient to spread the expenses and ensure access to the treatment you require.