Full digitalisation of the decontamination/sterilisation area now complete – your safety is our priority

In Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, we always only invest in the highest quality materials and equipment.

We are happy to announce that our decontamination and sterilisation workflow is now fully digitalised. This means the cross-infection risk can be further reduced now, as the sterilisation process of every single instrument is tracked and traced.

According to our suppliers, we are one the first dental clinics in the United Kingdom to have this procedure in place.

Used instruments are firstly cleaned and disinfected in a highly effective washer disinfector.

After that, they will go through a sterilisation process in a Melag Class B Autoclave. The software program will log all the details of the process, from time & date to the exact temperature.  The log allows us to track and trace every single instrument.

In addition, our premium Sirona dental chairs also have an intensive disinfection function, so that viral or bacterial colonization of the water-carrying systems can be avoided.

As always, patients’ health and safety is our top priority.