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Information about endodontic referrals

Each tooth you want to preserve is treated by us, as long as it is endodontically feasible. We are glad to help you with difficult cases. It’s a quality service for you and your patient.

When and how can you refer a patient?

Would you like to carry out the treatment yourself?

We are happy to offer you assistance on the phone or in writing, in case you would like to perform the treatment yourself. All we need is an X-ray image, which you can send via email to reception@wsdental.clinic.


In case of a complex diagnosis or if the long term prognosis of teeth is hard to estimate, we are happy to assist.

Referral for treatment 

We can help with any endodontic treatment that you do not wish to perform yourself.

We are glad to receive patients from you for any endodontic treatment and therapy.

However, please take note of the following:

  • In general, we recommend all our patients have an individual consultation before any treatment begins. During the consultation, all information regarding the treatment is clarified in detail. In exceptional cases (eg long travelling distance), current X-ray images can be used for the estimation of further treatment options and associated costs.
  • It would be very helpful if you can send the previous transmission (via email) of X-ray images. A short letter or telephone call from you would also be of great help to us.
  • The treatments could be time consuming and are usually spread over one to two sessions, total period of two to four hours. We will take the time necessary to ensure the success of the treatment. Therefore, the invoice for insured patients is to be settled according to GOZ. The patient must be well informed by you regarding their estimated share of cost.
  • Even for privately insured patients, certain costs may not be covered by insurance, depending on the difficulty level of the treatment. The patient shall also be well informed in advance.
  • We could also finish the treatment with a dentin tooth structure at your request.
  • After the treatment is completed, a treatment report is produced and sent back to you, the original dentist, together with the patient.

We look forward to working together with you successfully.

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