Dental Hygienists

Our hygienists provide the highest standards of clinical dental care alongside our dentists and surgeons, here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic. Our nurses and hygienists are highly trained and experienced dental professionals within their own specialisms and are constantly updating their skills through continuous professional development opportunities, just like every other member of our team.

What do they do?

Our team are also key to the delivery of the high standards of operational efficiency within which Wimpole Street Dental Clinic runs and which acts as the foundation to its daily success of meeting and often exceeding our patients’ professional service expectations when they visit us, here in clinic.

  • Our hygienists employ the latest techniques in professional teeth cleaning such as specialist Air Flow therapy, which is an advanced practice of scaling and polishing the teeth but one performed in clinic without the use of chemicals. They are available to deliver periodontitis treatment on the recommendation of your dentist.
  • Our hygienists gladly offer their professional advice on tooth decay and gum disease prevention, share their top tips on creating an optimum daily oral hygiene regime for you to perform at home for both your natural teeth and any dental restoration or dental prosthetic you may receive.
  • They are able to advise on post-treatment aftercare guidance and detail nutritional recommendations and guidelines, to future-proof your now transformed smile as much as possible.

Patient care

Our hygienists have trained and worked internationally so offer our dental patients, along with our clinic team, a valuable global perspective on all dentistry matters. They also know it is sometimes easier for our dental patients to voice their concerns to them instead of directly to their dentist so they are very easy to talk to, friendly and professional, and genuinely empathetic to the needs of nervous patients. From listening attentively to your needs, they can tactfully and discreetly offer professional reassurance, locate more information to alleviate any concerns or provide answers to the questions you ask. If you have received a lot of information, they can provide further explanation or offer an explanation in a different way regarding an upcoming dental treatment, if you wish, on a confidential basis, in a consultation room.

Dental knowledge

Our hygienists are passionate advocates of dental care education and seek to share their knowledge on the creation of healthy oral health habits and outline the risks to the condition of your teeth and gums of less beneficial ones. This is because they have the regular clinical chance to see first-hand, the dental issues which can arise if the correct care, precautions, habits and behaviours are not readily adopted and so maintained well and consistently over time. As highly skilled members of our team, they can masterfully outline all the latest ways you can care for your teeth and they are fully conversant with all the dental treatments we provide – both medical and cosmetic – as they are often called upon to assist or provide documentary support (visual and written) during treatments. Our  hygienists are also an integral part of our digital dentistry ethos, contributing to the digital workflow of patient information across the team who are involved in your care. They too form a trusted link in our effective in clinic communication channels during every stage of your dental care with us.

As we are sure you can appreciate, the delivery of premium, modern dentistry treatments require not just the professional service of your dentist, but your nurses and hygienists too. They, together with every team in the clinic, work seamlessly as a cohesive professional unit which we rely on to deliver what we actively promise you every day  – our style of evidence-based dentistry with a patient-centred approach. Contact us today to begin your patient journey with us to restored oral health which can enhance your personal wellbeing every time you naturally exhibit your renewed confidence to smile.

Ms Jennifer Boardman

Ms Jennifer Boardman

Dental Therapist & Hygienist

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