Technical Set-up

Wimpole Street Dental Clinic offers modern dentistry with advanced equipment, digital technology, and in-house labs for precise, patient-centered care.

New standard of modern dentistry

Our professional aspiration to offer a new standard of modern dentistry could not be delivered without the daily support of our core key asset – our ultramodern equipment and our state-of-the-art technology suite, available to us in-house, at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, in London. 

These technical tools enable us to access advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures so that we can offer exactly what we promise – the highest quality medical and cosmetic dental treatments and the most comprehensive oral surgical techniques designed to restore, repair, rejuvenate and, over time, transform your smile and indeed your oral health so as to positively impact upon your personal wellbeing.

Our facilities

We are fully equipped and so well prepared to conduct oral surgical interventions exclusively in our sterile operating theatre cleansed to the same hygiene standards as you would expect from an outpatients surgical facility. The necessary clinical support required to conduct these dental surgeries is ably provided by our highly qualified and experienced sedationist team who can then offer our dental patients comfortable recovery rooms which they can take their time to recuperate in, post-surgery.

During surgery, we are proud to have on hand ultrasound driven bone surgery technical apparatus (otherwise known as Piezoelectric surgery), the Piezotome II®, as a key clinical tool which can create extremely precise cuts to the bone. This level of surgical accuracy prevents sensitive parts of your oral health such as blood vessels and nerves from being impacted during the procedure.

We are delighted to have dental laboratory operations available in-house too, which complement the work conducted by our master dental technician team operating in our dedicated facility in Munich, Germany. We can offer you the bespoke manufacture of your chosen dental restoration or dental prosthetic appliance, if required, should you wish to proceed.  

Precision & accuracy

Rest assured, that from the digital scan images we take of your teeth, to the precise measurements we calculate to create your next full set of dentures to the nature of your next dental hygienist appointment, all this information is protected. Our commitment to digitally enabled dentistry ensures that we offer a consistently accurate level of data quality displayed in your records, enshrines your complete privacy regarding your personal information contained within and have to hand a perfect set of documentation which any member of the team can confidentially access for the primary clinical outcome of perfecting every aspect of your dental care with us.

Digital X-rays

One of our surgical rooms is dedicated to house our digital, 3D X-ray machine which is a device emitting only a low level of radiation, in-keeping with our policy on such matters, within this dental clinic. A technical process called Digital Volume Tomography (DVT), captures 3D images of the bone structure which comprises your midface and lower jaw within the skull. This procedure enables us to make sensitive parts of your oral health such as your blood vessels and nerves exactly visible so as to guide us to navigate around them and so avoid contact during treatment as we can now plan with clinical precision your gently and minimally invasive procedures, accordingly.

Digital impressions

The foundation to all our dental work is based on the accuracy of the teeth models which we meticulously create. Here at our clinic, we use the latest optical-digital impression system (Trio 3), to enable us to do so. We guide the scanner gently and without contact over the structures to be detected in your mouth. The result is immediately visible in true colour and also in 4K HD quality. 

Digital photography – our patients can see what we see

As dental patients, we are often encouraged to remain committed to a specific but unfamiliar dental treatment which our expert dentist recommends if we can visually appreciate the results as they occur. Our intraoral camera and photo documentation capability available in each treatment room, means that we can show you, our valued dental patients, the success of your treatment thus far directly onto the screen in your consultation room so you can see for yourself that our high-quality treatment as delivered is working. To reassure you further, please be advised that all major treatments are photo documented as a matter of course, a service made possible by the establishment of our very own photo studio present in our dental laboratories.

We trust that our dental patients can effortlessly benefit from the rich resource of our shared collective expertise during every consecutive step of their dental treatment and so enjoy the most positive patient journey with us

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