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Wimpole Street Dental Clinic is one of the leading and most innovative dental practices in London, offering general, cosmetic and specialist dentistry treatment. Our dental practice situated on the prestigious Wimpole Street (just adjacent to the famous Harley Street) in central London aspires to become the centre of dental excellence and dental care in the United Kingdom. Our recently refurbished London dental clinic is home to a highly trained and experienced dental team, the most advanced and innovative dental technology and a firm commitment to the highest standards of dentistry.

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Specialist Dentists in London

At Wimpole Street Dental Clinic in central London, we are delighted to have assembled an expert and internationally renowned Dentist and Surgeon team of clinical and research professionals to care for our dental patients. 

Our dentists and surgeons are also committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, continuing with their own special research interests and so regularly gaining higher degrees in their speciality as well as professional accreditations and expert certifications.

Many of our dentists and surgeons are multi-lingual and have worked and/or travelled extensively internationally so they can offer a global perspective on both dentistry procedure and patient care.

Our Dental Treatments

Wimpole Street Dental Clinic are specialist dentists in a wide range of cutting-edge and innovative treatments including:

Why choose Wimpole Street Dental Clinic?

Whether you’re looking for a specialist in dental surgery or simply have a dental emergency, you can contact us for informed, honest and friendly advice about your dental health.

For every patient who steps through our doors we can guarantee a warm, friendly welcome and the highest level of dental care. Our expert dental team includes dentists, hygienists, surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists and technicians who work in our in-house dental laboratory. Such is our reputation that we regular present lectures, training and feature in industry publications for our ground-breaking work and results in dentistry. Outside of the practice, you’ll find more than a dentist or two from our team working hard training the next generation of dentists at Universities across Europe.

Our Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Natalie Harrat
Natalie Harrat
I have a long history of dental phobia. When my old dentist went into retirement I didn’t know where to go. I am not able to get through normal dental treatment. Prof. Dr. Christian Mehl was recommended to me. As an anxiety patient I clock up every little thing and I can only say that everybody in this surgery was naturally very friendly and helpful. There was never anything fake or contrived about it and my anxiety was accepted and dealt with as if it wasn’t a big deal, meaning I wasn’t treated like a time waster or nuisance. I have had life changing restorative surgery yesterday with Christian and his wonderful assistant Rebecca. I would have never thought this might be possible for me. The result is astounding and I am extremely thankful to this amazing team, which also includes Emma and Lin (thank you for coming by to check on me after surgery) at the reception and Dr. Andre du Plessis, who did the sedation. There is only a small number of options for people with dental phobia - this is one of them!!
Tasha & Taz
Tasha & Taz
First and foremost my dentist, Christian, is clearly an expert in his field. He transformed my teeth and, for the first time in years, I am not in pain - and I have new teeth to replace the ugly gaps. He is kind, considerate and attentive. He will go over and above to do the best for his patients. Second, all the staff are personable and helpful.and they make attending the dentist a pleasure rather than a chore. This place is not cheap but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Would I recommend this practice - absolutely and without reservation.
Stuart Chapman
Stuart Chapman
I highly recommend this practise. I have been seen by both Dr Raul Costa and Dr Jennifer Boardman. The information, care and treatment is exceptional. I always feel well looked after and informed.
Eleni Pissaridou
Eleni Pissaridou
I highly recommend Wimpole Street Dental Clinic - I had an exceptional experience having my retainer fixed there. Extremely friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable team - thank you!
Vera Creasey
Vera Creasey
I came to the Wimpole Street Dental Clinic with a serious dental problem and some hard decisions to make. I was greeted by the most friendly staff who immediately made me feel a lot more at ease and stayed encouraging and attentive during the entire course of treatment. Professor Christian Mehl, whilst caring and supportive, was also highly professional, informative and honest in his assessment which helped me opt for the right course of action. Professor Mehl has impressed me with his deep knowledge, skill and attention to detail. He made me feel uniquely special - a great gift indeed - and was always readily available to reassure and advise. Now that I have a full set of lovely teeth and my smile is truly back, I know that I have made the best decision and have a result I never thought possible. THANK YOU
I had to have a tooth extraction (molar) and an implant. I am a nervous patient and I can honestly say I never felt anything but 100% cared for. Dr Mehl is extremely knowledgeable and precise but he's also very calm and chatty. For me, a calm male presence was reassuring. I never felt any pain during the procedure and I was STAGGERED at how normal I felt afterwards. I could have gone back to work immediately. I had initially wanted sedation but I'm glad I didn't as apparently the recovery is a bit longer. He gave me a bag with lots of pain meds, cold packs, antiseptic mouth wash etc The most uncomfortable moment was the beginning of the tooth extraction because I forgot to breathe through my mouth. If you adjust your tongue so you can do that then it's fine!!!

Our State-of-the-Art Clinic

Our modern and bright suite of waiting, treatment and operating rooms have been carefully designed in terms of layout and access to place the dental needs of our patient front and centre during every step of our care as sometimes you may attend with some concern or in some discomfort – both of which we would seek to vanquish promptly. 

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Thousands of beautifully restored smiles

Review how we’ve restored our patients’ smiles by browsing our collection of before & after photos

Patient success stories

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Our video library hosts a broad range of examples of dental treatments so that our patients can get a better idea of what to expect in practice.

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Find out the latest announcements, opinions, training courses and developments in dentistry right here.

Fillings to improve aesthetics - Dental Clinic London Fillings to improve aesthetics result - Dental Clinic London

Fillings to improve aesthetics

Smile of the Week

Fillings to improve aesthetics

The patient had beautiful natural teeth, but was unhappy with her smile. Since she did not want to drill the teeth down for veneers, we decided to go for fillings.

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Book an appointment with one of our experienced and expert dentists at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in London.

Our Smile Gallery

Thousands of beautifully restored smiles

Review how we've restored our patients' smiles by browsing our collection of before & after photos

dental awards

Explore our video gallery for information and guidance about our dental treatments.

Patient success stories

Watch modern dentistry in action

Our video library hosts a broad range of examples of dental treatments so that our patients can get a better idea of what to expect in practice.

Treatment Reviews

fixed teeth in a day london specialist

Michael Selitski

I have been with Dr Mehl for quite some time and I am very happy with him. Very competent and friendly doctor who explains a lot and takes his time. The team is super friendly. The treatment was always easy and I had no further problems. I can recommend this practice with a clear conscience!

Woman smiling after gum correction at Dental Clinic London

Monika Drob

Fantastic care & engaged doctors who are eager to expand their knowledge and look at your case beyond their own area of expertise. Very reliable practice; you feel you’re in good hands from the very first impression that is really supported by staff’s competence. The ladies at the front desk are mega nice and do speak English. The appointment availability also pretty comfortable. Thank you!

Smiling woman after professional tooth cleaning at Dental Clinic in London

Lina Smith

Dr. Christian Mehl is very a dedicated and professional dentist. He has been taking care of my dental health for over 5 years, and I am very confident with him.

Would definitely recommend to others.

wimpole street family dentist

Rong Li

Doctor Mehl is very experienced and professional. I received a tooth overview two weeks ago and decided to go back for all necessary treatment suggested by him in the following months. I would also recommend Dr. Mehl to those parents who worry about which dentist to visit for their children as he is extremely patient and friendly.

Adhesive Prosthetics for a beautiful smile - dentist at Wimpolestreet

Karolina Roszak

Excellent dentist. Great staff. Very good dental care. Kind and compassionate. Planning wisdom teeth removal? I recommend Dr. Christian Mehl!

An Apicectomy will give you your smile back - Dental Clinic London

Louise Gylsen

Dr Dragisic makes high quality implants and I am glad that I put myself under his care as there are so many tempting offers these days for very cheap implants. I have friends who complain from pain in their implanted locations. The first implants Dr Dejan did were in 2010, together with bone grafting, then we did some more implants in 2016. To this day everything is solid and healthy and I am very glad that I chose Dr Dejan. Apart from his high quality surgeries he also uses expensive materials and whatever he produces is pure excellence. What I also like is that he is caring and compassionate and he has the skill to put a worrying patient at ease.

treatment reviews wimpole street dentist

Steven Cains

Fantastic service. I had a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth removed by Dr Dragisic and was thoroughly impressed by him and his team. He saw me a couple of weeks later for a follow-up appointment at no extra charge. I would definitely recommend him.

Dental Bridges London

Nina O’Rilley

My treatment included nine implants (6 in the upper and 3 in the lower jaw), a bone augmentation with bone transplant, sinus lift, and several crowns and bridges. Treatment started in February 2015 and ended in March 2016. Of course, there were more sessions: an extraction of three teeth and removal of an old implant, nine implants as well as a bone transplant, etc. In one session, Dr Mehl conducted a five-hour operation while I was under general anesthesia. I made it through everything without complications. The healing process has also passed without any problems. Then there was a creation and adaptation of interim bridges. During the entire treatment, I felt really good. I was treated professionally and friendly, and I always had confidence in receiving great results. Dr Mehl and his team gave me my smile back. Thanks a lot to the entire team.

patient testimonials wimpole street dental clinic

Anastasia T

I woke up last week with a severe toothache and went to see Dr Mehl. During the examination, it turned out that my pulp was inflamed and I could not avoid a root canal treatment. Until now, I did not always hear the best experiences from root canal treatments, but I hardly noticed anything with Dr Mehl. He was very careful and concentrated in his work, so he didn’t make any mistakes. I am amazed!

periodontitis treatment


The level of care and treatment I received from Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, was truly above and beyond. The expertise, perfectionism, and kindness Dr Mehl provided was such a welcoming change from my previous dental experiences over the years. After 6 months of treatment, I finally have teeth without pain or infections, and have overcome my fear of the dentist. With Dr Mehl also continuing to be active in the academic aspect of dentistry, his experience and knowledge is constantly evolving. I very much admire his dedication. The quality of the materials used, as well as the level of cleanliness within the clinic, were again, a very welcoming change. I cannot thank Dr Mehl and his team enough for the care I received, and I am looking forward to returning for my routine check-up in 6 months’ time. I would also like the to extend my gratitude to the welcoming, accommodating and supportive Reception staff. What a truly lovely dental practice!



Teaching at our implant and prosthetics training course

Prof Christian Mehl was delighted to yet again invite and host final-year students at the University of Kiel for a course in Dental Implants & Prosthetics in the winter semester ..


Celebrating 25 years of dentistry

Twenty-five years ago Prof Dr. Christian Mehl started his dental career (with Prof Dr. Sönke Harder) at the University at Kiel, Germany. In celebration of these 25 years, Christian reflects, ..


Celebrate our opening with us on 24th November

You are invited to join us for a friendly evening of celebration and refreshments at the unveiling of our new clinic at 38 Queen Anne Street, Marylebone (W16 8HZ). Our ..


Building works continue at our new clinic (38 Queen Anne Street)

We are delighted to announce that Wimpole Street Dental Clinic is moving to a new bespoke-built and state-of-the-art location. We are currently in the progress of custom fitting the building ..


Exploring how digital dentistry can aid implantology/implant prosthetics

In recent years, digitalisation has increasingly found its way into dental practices and is taking on a central role in the daily treatment of patients. In this practical course, we ..


Our team attend immediate life support training course

In May a number of our team attended an excellent training session on immediate life support. By the end of the session, they were trained in: Airway Management Medical Emergencies ..


Camlog All-on-4 course in Munich

Patients are increasingly specifying the treatment parameters in implantology. Patient demands have never been higher and they have extensive information on the subject of dentures. Financial implications also plays a ..


Prof. Mehl leads implant training course at University of Kiel

We are very pleased to have finally been able again to invite dental students in their final year to our live implant prosthetics training course in the 2022 summer semester ..


Wimpole Street Dental Clinic undergoes basic life support training

This month our team undertook an extensive three-hour training course, including practical training and learning how to use life-saving medication in emergency scenarios. The session included: Identifying signs and symptoms ..

Camlog Course - 29/9/21 at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic


First CAMLOG Digital Study Club launches at Wimpole Street

On Wednesday 29th September Wimpole Street Dental Clinic was delighted to host the first of many CAMLOG Digital Study Club sessions. Led by our Principal dentist, Prof. Dr. Christian Mehl, ..



Implant course in Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Christian Mehl gave a two day course about the recent developments in guided implantology in Basel, Switzerland. With participants ranging from Finland to Japan, this practical course explored the ..



Photoshoot in London

Soon our new website will go live for Wimpole Street Dental Clinic. We had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. Thanks goes to Andrew for some great pictures and ..

Implant course in Munich


Implant course in Munich

Once again, our yearly digital dentistry course in Munich was a success. With a team of talented dentists, we discussed the endless possibilities of modern digital dentistry. From fully computerised ..

Corona Measures Wimpole Street


Full digitalisation of the decontamination/sterilisation area now complete – your safety is our priority

In Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, we always only invest in the highest quality materials and equipment. We are happy to announce that our decontamination and sterilisation workflow is now fully ..

Covid-19 update dentistry london wimpole street


COVID-19? No, thank you

The mouth – the first barrier to the immune system A new UK study shows that people with swollen or bleeding gums are up to 70 percent more likely to ..

3d imaging example


New scientific publication!

Prof. Mehl and Dr. Harder published in the renowned Dental Implantology Journal, November edition. The article evaluates the rapid development of supporting dental software programs in all areas of dentistry ..

Dentists in surgery


New scientific project

Tooth loss is unfortunately still very common today. Dental caries and periodontal disease are the most common infectious diseases of mankind. Dental implants and their further development have led to ..

The Weekened Pages


Wimpole Street Dental Clinic and The Weekend Pages

Prof. Mehl and Dr. Harder published in the weekend pages an evidence based concept of how to achieve a perfect smile. We would like to thank the magazine for the ..



Prof. Mehl awarded with Top Doctor status

Prof. Mehl was awarded the certificate of medical excellence and “Top Doctor” status by Dr. John J. Conolly, CEO and President of the TOP DOCTORS USA.

New waiting room


Waiting room refurbishment

We have made the next step to provide you with a cosy and nice atmosphere in our clinic. We hope you like it…

cbct training - wimpole street dental clinic


CBCT training

With the second stage of our CBCT training we are all set up for world class implantology treatment planning and execution. We can now build computer guided implant templates which ..



Visiting the dentist in the Corona crisis: Do you have to postpone your appointment?

The nEW coronavirus has dramatically changed people’s lives around the world. After the rise in the number of infections in the United Kingdom, our public life was suddenly restricted in ..

Working with the digital scanner


3-D digital scanner training

The most important aspect of a successful clinic is never the machines, but the people who use them. Every new technology, every new device must be understood and developed. We ..

Dr. Harder & Dr. Mehl lecturing at Kiel University


Lecturing at Kiel University

Dr. Harder, PhD and Prof. Mehl often teach students in the basics of implantology and prosthetics at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel as part of their research and lecturer ..

Dr. Mehl appointed chairman of the examination board for doctoral students


Dr. Mehl appointed chairman of the examination board for doctoral students

Prof. Mehl’s doctoral student Stephan Schultz-Langerhans received “Magna Cum Laude” the second highest rating for a doctoral thesis. Congratulations Stephan! Prof. Mehl was given the honour to act as exam ..

Educational tour in China - Prof. Mehl


Prof. Mehl’s educational tour in China

On invitation from Camlog Biotechnologies and Henry Schein China, Prof. Mehl was giving lectures in Shanghai, Kunshan and was a main speaker at the Annual Congress of the Chinese Society ..

2-day course about digital dentistry


2-day course digital dentistry in collaboration with Camlog Biotechnologies

Digitisation has become more and more popular in the dental practice in recent years, and increasingly plays a central role in the daily treatment of patients. In this practical course, ..

Dr Mehl


Receiving the extraordinary professorship

After 15 years of continuously teaching students and conducting research resulting in 38 international peer-reviewed publications and numerous case reports and book chapters, Dr. Mehl received his professor title at the Christian-Albrechts University ..

Listed on the German Focus-Magazine of best dentists in Munich


Invitation to be listed on the German Focus-Magazine of best dentists in Munich

Dr. Mehl and Dr. Harder have been invited to be included on the list for the best dentist in Munich by the prestigious German Magazine “Focus”. To become a member ..

Implant evening in Munich


11th Implant evening at Harder & Mehl Dental Clinic, Munich, Germany

We were delighted to have fellow dentists coming to our clinic in Munich and enjoying live surgeries, lectures, good food and great company. A big thanks goes to Julia Dorfmeister for ..

Student course at the University of Kiel with Dr. Harder and Dr. Mehl


Student course at the University of Kiel

As part of the teaching obligation of Dr. Harder, PhD and Dr. Mehl, PhD, both gave a 2-day course at the Department of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials at the ..

Course with Chinese dentist


Comfour course with Chinese dentists

On a really spectacular day we spent the day with 15 colleagues from all over China who wanted to learn the how to place immediate implants. Ten hours of live surgery, ..

Doctoral candidate of Dr. Mehl awarded


Doctoral candidate of Dr. Mehl awarded

Dr. Mehl‘s PhD student Ms. Neumann was awarded a “magna cum laude” for her research and the resulting doctoral thesis after a great lecture and public disputation. Title of her work: “Effect ..

New international publication by Dr. Harder & Dr. Mehl


New international publication by Dr. Harder & Dr. Mehl

Dr. Harder and Dr. Mehl published in the internationally renowned journal “Clinical Oral Investigations” the latest results of their research on pre-conditioned implant surfaces with the title: “Changes in proinflammatory ..

Doctoral candidate of Dr. Mehl awarded


Doctoral candidate of Dr. Mehl awarded

Dr. Mehl‘s PhD student Ms. Schütte was awarded a “magna cum laude” for her research and the resulting doctoral thesis after a really nice lecture and public disputation. Title of ..

Dr. Mehl at the Congress of the Federal Association of German Oral Surgeons


Dr. Mehl at the Congress of the Federal Association of German Oral Surgeons

At the invitation of Nobel Biocare and Oemus Media, Dr. Mehl held the lecture: “Immediate Implantology – Standard or Risk?”. In his talk, he weighs the risks against the benefits of ..

Member of the royal Society of Medicine


Dr. Mehl accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

Dr. Mehl was accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine from the 01.02.2019. Honorary members of this ancient society included Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner and ..

New publication on DFZ


New publication!

The most recent publication by Harder & Mehl is now online. We talk about the advantages of the immediate implantation concept and about the associated risks. With the help of ..