Dr Céline Higton

Dr Céline Higton qualified with Distinction and Honours from King’s College London, this university currently holds the number 1 world ranking for Dentistry.


Since graduating, Céline has continued to excel in her field, having completed extensive post-graduate training in various restorative and cosmetic disciplines including Invisalign and Facial Aesthetics. She is an artist at heart and has an exceptional eye for detail and drive for quality; attributes which perfectly align with her absolute passion for restorative cosmetic dentistry.


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This passion has not only led to quality work and first-rate patient care, but also an established career in teaching. Céline is an internationally recognised expert in various modern restorative dental procedures and is quickly becoming a regular speaker at prestigious dental conferences and symposiums worldwide. This exposure to dental education and the International elite within the field ensures that Céline is always working at the forefront of innovation using only the best techniques and materials.

Outside of the dental setting Céline enjoys keeping fit and active. She loves extreme sports such as skiing and kite surfing and likes to live l

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