Inside the Clinic

Our commitment to the delivery of a patient-centred approach to every aspect of our professional practice extends to the level of comfort and confidence we hope you will feel after being warmly welcomed in the physical environment we have created here inside at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, in central London.

Our modern and bright suite of waiting, treatment and operating rooms

have been carefully designed in terms of layout and access to place the dental needs of our patient front and centre during every step of our care as sometimes you may attend with some concern or in some discomfort – both of which we would seek to vanquish promptly.

For your own peace of mind, please rest assured that all our rooms within the clinic are maintained with the highest standards of daily cleanliness and hygiene protocols.

Inside the clinic, we hope to embody the patient-centred values of comfort, confidence, calm and convenience so that you are encouraged to attend your regular schedule of booked appointments and check-ups because our premises present as a place that you actually wish to visit, time and time again and perhaps even recommend to others, should the opportunities arise.

Virtual Tour

Explore our state-of-the-art clinic by using our virtual tour tool below. Please note iFrames must be enabled to use.

Our waiting room

Our waiting room is spacious with plenty of cosy seating and refreshments available for you to relax in and gather your thoughts ahead of your next appointment with ample reading material on hand if you wish to find out more about all the treatments we offer.

Our surgery rooms

Our surgery rooms where you will experience your initial consultation have been furnished with all the ultramodern equipment our team need to deliver the perfect results you have come to expect from us and which you rightly deserve, delivered to you, chair-side in the highest level of seated comfort we can provide.

Our treatment rooms

Our well-lit and airy treatment rooms which our dental hygienists reside in are also equipped to the same ultramodern standards so that they benefit too from the same level of the latest technology-enabled advances as we perform our professional teeth cleaning service as we readily provide in our medical and cosmetic dental surgery rooms.

Digital scanner

We are delighted to provide a dedicated room to house our digital scanner which we call upon to help us create the most accurate measurements and models from which our dental restorations, perfect in form and function can be achieved for our patients. By dedicating a surgery room just for this prioritised resource, it means that it is always on-hand to serve us well – whether we need to check a situation concerning a straightforward dental issue arising or we need full details at our fingertips when assessing a more complex oral rehabilitation case, as presented.

X-ray facility

Just as we devote one room to our digital scanner, we devote another to accommodate our state-of-the-art 3D X-ray machine, creating the latest three-dimensional visual and data-driven diagnostics results possible to ensure we can offer a custom-made resolution to the dental issue you are currently experiencing. We appreciate and so have invested in as much resource in the diagnostics, preparation, planning and fitting you may need as we have in the manufacture of the actual dental appliance you may require, as these two elements need to dovetail perfectly to ensure the best results.

Sterilisation room

Our London clinic has its own state-of-the-art sterilization room utilising the latest in digital sterilizer technology to ensure that the highest standards of clinical care are adhered to. Our technology in this room helps us clean, disinfect and sterilize all of our dental instruments. Thorough and robust cleaning and sterilization helps protect our patients’ health and ensures that we’re in line with industry regulations and standards.

Dental laboratory

The way we have created our physical environment here inside the clinic to offer you the highest level of personal comfort and confidence before, during and after treatment is echoed in the way we have developed the key operational asset of our dental laboratory in Munich, Germany. This laboratory is set up to deliver uncompromising standards in the aesthetic appeal and functional manufacture of all our dental restorations and prosthetic dental appliances along the same digitally enhanced, ultramodern equipped and spacious principles to create the perfect dental facility for our master dental technicians and dental technicians to work in, with the needs of you, our valued dental patient, always at the forefront of our minds.

Centre of excellence in the dental industry

If you are a member of the professional dental community why not visit our clinic to learn more about the way we work and the technological advances we both recommend and have come to rely on to deliver perfect aesthetic and functional results for our dental patients?

We aspire to create a centre of excellence here inside the clinic, acting as a resource hub for all the latest information on evidence-based dental best practice for the benefit of oral health for all, so we actively encourage professional contact for the purpose of exploring potential collaborative opportunities conducive to the development of new dental projects, the assessment of new dental materials for use in treatment or to kick-start a new clinical research paper for publication.

Contact us by email to find out how you can consult a highly experienced member of our team to help and so contribute to the realisation of your professional ambitions.

Why choose Wimpole Street Dental Clinic

Our physical environment, our operational efficiencies, our digitally enabled dentistry procedures, our committed professional team and our integrated treatment approach all work together in harmony to convey a professional atmosphere rich with the heritage of modern medicine, which as dental caregivers, it is our clinical duty to provide, here inside the clinic. On the day of your booked appointment, we would like you to experience that you are entering your chosen, trusted dental practice to access a personal and tailor-made premium dentistry service, because you are – and one which you have every right to look forward to, on each and every occasion, with us, at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, here in central London.

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