Prof Stefano Fedele

Dr Stefano Fedele is a Specialist in Oral Medicine and a Professor at University College London/University College London Hospital (UCL/UCLH).

Specialist in Oral Medicine

After his dentistry degree in 1998, Dr Fedele undertook 7 years of integrated Academic & Clinical Training Programme in Oral Medicine leading to completion of a PhD and Diploma/Certificate in Oral Medicine at the University of Naples, Italy where he was also a clinical lecturer.


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Stefano is currently Programme Director of the MSc in Oral Medicine at UCL and lectures regularly at national and international meetings. He is also very active in clinical research: he has been awarded research grants from a number of funding bodies including European Commission, National Institute of Health Research and Arthritis Research UK.

Dr Fedele has published over 70 research papers including, review articles, editorials, and original researches on both general medical and specialist journals such as the Lancet, Journal of Clinical Oncology, America Journal of Medicine, Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, and Journal of Rheumatology. His areas of interest include: Oral cancer and precancer; oral lichen planus; oral ulceration; pemphigus; pemphigoid; jawbone disease; burning mouth syndrome; potentially malignant disorders; dry mouth; temporomandibular disorders; oral candidosis and Sjogren’s syndrome

Languages: English and Italian

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