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Orthodontics is a dentistry branch focused on correcting dental and facial irregularities. It uses braces, retainers, and other devices to align teeth and jaws, improving oral health and aesthetics. Proper alignment enhances dental functionality, makes cleaning easier, and reduces the risk of decay and gum disease. Orthodontics emphasizes customized treatment plans for each individual's needs.

Treatment Duration

6 months - 2 years


From £4,495

Team Experience

15+ years

Recovery Time

1 day

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Written by: Dr Sanjana Sudarshan

Clinically reviewed by: Prof Dr Christian Mehl

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    Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth; it’s about creating harmony between facial aesthetics and oral health. Misaligned teeth can lead to challenges in oral hygiene, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, improper bites can cause issues with chewing, speech, and even wear and tear on teeth. Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, led by the distinguished Dr Sanjana Sudarshan, excels in providing tailored orthodontic solutions. They offer a broad spectrum of treatments, including traditional braces, clear aligners like Invisalign, and lingual braces, employing the latest technologies for optimal results.

    Patients ranging from young children to adults can benefit from orthodontic care. For children, early intervention with children’s braces can guide jaw growth and prevent more severe issues later on. Adults seek treatment for both cosmetic improvements and to correct long-standing functional issues. The clinic’s approach is comprehensive, considering the unique facial structure, dental health, and cosmetic desires of each patient, ensuring a customized treatment plan that addresses individual needs and lifestyle considerations.

    Wimpole Street Dental Clinic stands out for its commitment to advanced orthodontic research and technology, alongside a patient-centric approach. This fusion of innovation and personalized care allows them to achieve outstanding results, making them a leader in orthodontic treatments. With a team of specialists like Dr Sudarshan, who brings a wealth of experience and a holistic perspective to her work, the clinic ensures that patients receive the highest level of orthodontic care, transforming smiles and enhancing oral health.

    Looking for one of the best orthodontists in London?

    When choosing an orthodontist, consider their qualifications, including education and board certification. Look for experience, particularly with treatments similar to what you need. A good orthodontist should have a proven track record of success, evident in before-and-after photos of previous patients. Assess their communication skills and willingness to address your concerns. Lastly, the practice should have a welcoming environment with the latest technology, ensuring you receive the most effective and comfortable treatment possible.

    Dr Sanjana Sudarshan’s expertise as an orthodontist is marked by her comprehensive educational achievements and her commitment to excellence in patient care. Holding a Masters in Orthodontics with Distinction from King’s College London and memberships in prestigious dental societies, she embodies a blend of academic excellence and practical experience. Her ability to provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including innovative options like Invisalign and aesthetic ceramic braces, alongside her involvement in teaching and mentorship, positions her as a leading orthodontist in London​.

    Meet your award-winning Orthodontics dentist and team…

    • We have over 75+ years of combined dentistry experience across our specialist team.
    • 10,000+ treatments performed and counting.
    • We are leaders in the dental industry – we regularly teach, lecture and publish our research work internationally.

    Orthodontics costs

    Virtual Consultations 

    Discussion of treatment needs and options (deducted from full consultation cost if proceeded)
    From £150

    New Patient Consultation

    Including X-rays
    From £180

    Invisalign clear aligners including retainers – no hidden fees

    Single arch (upper or lower)
    From £2,500

    Invisalign clear aligners including retainers – no hidden fees

    Both arches (upper or lower)
    From £5,500

    Fixed silver metal braces including retainers – no hidden fees

    Single arch (upper or lower)
    From £4,495

    Fixed silver metal braces including retainers – no hidden fees

    Both arches (upper or lower)
    From £5,995

    Fixed clear ceramic braces including retainers – no hidden fees

    Single arch (upper or lower)
    From £5,495

    Fixed clear ceramic braces including retainers – no hidden fees

    Both arches (upper or lower)
    From £6,995

    Fixed lingual braces including retainers – no hidden fees

    Single arch (upper or lower)
    From £7,495

    Fixed lingual braces including retainers – no hidden fees

    Both arches (upper or lower)
    From £9,995

    Fixed retainer (per arch)

    From £300

    Repair of Fixed retainer (per arch)

    From £150

    Removable Retainer (per arch)

    From £200

    Invisalign Vivera Retainers – 3 sets (per arch)

    From £600

    Debond (Braces Removal) only

    From £700

    Orthodontic adjustment in treatment elsewhere

    From £400

    Our Expertise

    Tailored Treatment Plans: Dr Sudarshan and Chrystal Sharp are committed to providing personalized orthodontic solutions, ensuring treatments are perfectly aligned with each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle.

    Advanced Orthodontic Technology: Utilizing the latest innovations in orthodontic care, they offer cutting-edge treatments that promise not only aesthetic improvement but also functional benefits, leading to quicker and more efficient results.

    Comfort and Confidence Focus: Their approach prioritizes patient comfort and confidence throughout the treatment process, from initial consultation to final adjustments, making the journey towards a perfect smile as pleasant as possible.

    Expertise and Continuous Learning: With a strong foundation in orthodontics and a dedication to continuous professional development, Dr Sudarshan and Ms Sharp stay at the forefront of orthodontic techniques and technologies, ensuring top-tier care.

    Orthodontics Before & Afters

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    Orthodontics reviews

    Find out more about our patients, their treatment and why they chose Wimpole Street Dental Clinic.

    Helen Li​

    Wimpole Street Dental has the highest most ethical standard of work, personable approach, clear and safe procedures, top notch excellence and reliability in treatment provided with utmost professionalism from crème de la crème world class specialists all under one roof.

    How long does orthodontic treatment usually take?

    Orthodontic treatment time varies significantly based on the individual’s needs, ranging from six months to three years. The duration depends on the complexity of the correction, the type of braces or aligners used, and the patient’s adherence to care instructions. Regular follow-up appointments are essential for adjusting the treatment plan and ensuring progress.

    Are there age restrictions for orthodontic treatment?

    There are no strict age restrictions for orthodontic treatment. Children, teens, and adults can all benefit from orthodontic care. Early evaluations for children are recommended around age 7 to identify any developmental issues that may benefit from early intervention. However, adults seeking orthodontic treatment are increasing, thanks to advancements in discreet options like clear aligners.

    How often will I need to visit the orthodontist during treatment?

    During orthodontic treatment, regular visits are typically scheduled every 4-6 weeks. These appointments allow the orthodontist to monitor progress, make adjustments to braces or aligners, and address any concerns. The frequency can vary based on the specifics of your treatment plan.

    What’s the difference between an orthodontist and a regular dentist?

    An orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone additional training to specialise in diagnosing, preventing, and treating teeth and jaw alignment problems. While all orthodontists are dentists, not all dentists are qualified orthodontists. Orthodontists focus exclusively on orthodontic treatment, whereas general dentists provide a broad range of dental care.

    Can orthodontic treatments fix jaw misalignment issues?

    Yes, orthodontic treatments can address jaw misalignment issues. Treatments such as braces and certain types of appliances can help realign the jaw, improve bite function, and enhance facial aesthetics. Severe cases may require surgical orthodontics, combining jaw surgery with orthodontic treatment for optimal results.

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