Mrs Farah Anad

Farah, an Orthodontic Therapist at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, brings a decade of expertise and exceptional patient care since earning her diploma from King’s College London.

Orthodontic Therapist


In her current practice, she has thoroughly immersed herself in the Invisalign system as well as traditional and lingual braces.


GDC Number


Since gaining her diploma in Orthodontic Therapy from King’s College London in 2015, she has dedicated the past decade to enhancing her clinical skills, enabling her to proficiently work with a multitude of orthodontic systems. Farah brings a wealth of experience in Invisalign, traditional and lingual braces to Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, where she works dynamically across and with our team of clinicians to meticulously plan and action orthodontic cases, providing patients with clinical excellence at all stages of their orthodontic journey. Her zeal and passion for providing exceptional patient care make Farah a true asset to our clinical team.

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