Case Study: Vital Pulp Therapy

A 70-year-old lady experienced sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in her upper right first molar, known as the UR6 tooth. After examination, the dental team diagnosed her with symptomatic reversible pulpitis in the UR6. This condition involves temporary inflammation of the dental pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth, causing sensitivity to temperature changes. The diagnosis indicates that the condition can be treated and reversed with appropriate dental care.


Prof Negin Mosahebi

Treatment undertaken:

The upper right first molar (UR6) was carefully examined using advanced sterile methods and a specialized dental microscope. The tooth was treated with a technique called direct pulp capping using a material named Biodentine. This procedure helps preserve the tooth’s health. Afterward, the tooth was restored with a composite material, ensuring its strength and functionality. As a result, the tooth remains healthy (vital) and without symptoms (asymptomatic).


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