Case Study: A step-by-step approach to immediate implants

It may be a bit boring to show another immediate implant case, but dentistry and especially implantology has become very predictable thanks to new data and technology. Finally, dentistry can come out of the dark ages and can deliver accurately computer planned results. This makes the life of patients and dentists alike much easier and still excites me to this day.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

In this instance, we had to extract a visually appealing central incisor due to tooth destruction caused by external resorption. Following a comprehensive examination and discussion of various options, our patient opted for an immediate implant. We proceeded with meticulous implant planning, creating both a surgical guide and a temporary restoration in preparation. The affected tooth was then removed, and using the surgical guide, we precisely placed the implant. To enhance the soft tissue condition, a connective tissue graft was applied concurrently with the temporary restoration. The post-operative X-ray confirmed the accuracy of the implant placement. Remarkably, just four weeks later, the implant site was in optimal condition to take impressions for the final restoration.

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