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What are immediate implants?

We know that something as visible as a dead or missing tooth in your smile can cause a loss in self-confidence and make everyday tasks like eating feel uncomfortable. Traditional dental implants are a great option for patients in such a situation as we can restore their smile with implants that have the same look, durability and strength as natural teeth. Typically, an implant is fitted when a small titanium screw is inserted into the socket of the jawbone in order to act as a new root. Restorative teeth are then screwed into place to take the same role and position as the old tooth that was previously there.

Usually this treatment requires some downtime and recovery in between surgeries. The tooth or teeth are extracted and the implants are put in place. However, a period of at least 6 weeks is typically required to allow the implant to properly fuse to the jawbone and to heal before the new teeth can be fitted on the jaw.

Immediate implants differ from traditional implant because they don’t require this 6 week period for recovery and healing. Immediate implants can be immediately placed into the socket on the same day as the extraction. It is for this reason that immediate implants are sometimes called ‘same-day implants‘ and are designed to permanently restore and replace teeth.

The benefits of this surgical procedure are that the dental implants have the placement into the jaw bone on the same day as the extraction and the placement of the new temporary restoration can also take place on the same day. Same-day implants are preferable for patients who don’t want to have to wait, wish to have the convenience of a faster surgical procedure and want treatment that delivers natural looking teeth. Additionally, all evidence point to the delivery of superior aesthetic results due to the clinical team being able to maintain the bone and gums in better condition during the procedure.

Who is suitable for immediate implants?

Immediate implants are usually placed on patients that have suffered some level of dental trauma or damage to their teeth, or have perhaps lost healthy teeth through disease, decay or simple wear and tear. Most people are suitable for immediate implants though there are a few exceptions.

Patients who smoke or drink heavily are likely to be advised not to proceed with immediate implants, or potentially any dental implants of any kind. Immediate implant placement is a surgical procedure that requires the affected treatment area to be healthy and in good hygiene. Excessive smoking or drinking might mean that the area is currently not safe for treatment. Furthermore, continued smoking or heavy drinking following immediate implant placement may harm the recovery process. If the area does not heal properly, then the implants may fail.

Other patients with dental health conditions or poor oral hygiene might not be suitable for immediate implants for the same reasons. The best way to check if you’re suitable for immediate implants is to attend a consultation with our dentists. They will be able to assess your oral health history, hygiene and identify if there’s any potential reasons why you’re not suitable. It may also be that they recommend alternate dental treatments that can achieve the same results via less invasive methods e.g. dentures.

Prices of immediate implants

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Our modern dental practice just down the road from Harley Street is fast becoming the home of cosmetic dentistry in London. We offer All-on-4 dental implants to patients who are deemed suitable by our dentists at initial consultation stage. All-on-4 patients can restore their smile with a same-day procedure that leaves them natural looking teeth that are comfortable, durable and beautiful.

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What happens during immediate implant surgery?

  • All of our dental procedures start with a consultation with a dentist. Your dentist will ask you a few questions about your health, oral history and hygiene routine. They will then inspect your mouth and look for any potential issues that restrict your eligibility for immediate implant surgery. If you are suitable, your dentist will then talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment and what you can expect to happen.
  • If you’re happy to proceed, you will be given an appointment to complete the diagnostic records (3D X-ray, digital photographs and impressions, taking of the colour of your teeth)
  • You’ll book another appointment for the immediate implant placement at our London dentist clinic.
  • On the day of surgery you can opt to receive sedation to help make the procedure more relaxed. Our in-house sedationist will explain what you can expect and will then sedate you.
  • Before the implant can be fitted, you might require a tooth extraction to remove any dead or partial tooth material that is still in place. The socket will be cleaned and drilled to make way for the installation of the dental implant on the same day.
  • The dental implants are then implanted carefully and computer guided by your dentist and then the restorative teeth are screwed into place. Your new implant supported restoration will be chosen to match the colour of your surrounding teeth to give your smile a natural finish.
  • When the surgery is complete and your implants are in place, your dentist will inform you of post-surgery aftercare advice that you should follow in order to give your implants the best chance of success. You might feel a little discomfort and swelling in the first few days but this should subside.

Why is Wimpole Street Dental Clinic best for same day implants in London?

We appreciate that the prospect of dental implants can be a nervous and anxious process for many of our patients. However, the treatment can help restore not just your smile but also your self-confidence. We believe that Wimpole Street Dental Clinic is one of the finest clinics for immediate implant placements in London and the UK for the following reasons:

  • Our dental implantology team have decades of combined experience and are skilled in their craft. Our dentists regularly present lectures all over the world and publish international peer-reviewed scientific papers on innovative dental procedures like immediate implants. Additionally, our dentists also share their dental knowledge with the next generation of dentists by regularly leading training and courses in academic institutions across Europe.
  • Our implant clinic is based at our premises on the prestigious Wimpole Street in central London. Conveniently located, our practice is easily accessible by car, taxi, bus and London Underground. We recently refurbished our dental practice in 2021 and have invested in obtaining the very best technology to help improve performance and clinic standards for our patients.
  • We’re no strangers to immediate implants with our team having fitted thousands of dental implants in their careers. You can rest assured that we’re always on hand to answer any questions or concerns about your implant pre and post surgery.


Immediate implant placement differs patient-to-patient. Your dentist always has to consider factors such as oral health, history and patient lifestyle when deciding whether you’re suitable for immediate dental implants. As such, every treatment is slightly different and the cost can reflect these differing circumstances. The best way to get an idea of costs is to arrange a consultation with our implant clinic.

Not only with our team explain the procedure and benefits, but they are also happy to discuss a wide variety of finance options available to you should you wish to split the cost into affordable payments.

Dental implants can last for up to 25 years provided they are treated in the same way you’d treat your natural teeth. Ensuring that you regularly attend dental check-ups and hygienist appointments will help avoid damage from decay and other potential oral concerns. Regularly brushing properly and flossing in between teeth can help reduce future complications. Avoiding bad habits such as biting finger nails, using your teeth (or implant) to bite or chew on particularly strong materials and smoking in general, can all help increase the longevity of your implants.

Yes. The point of immediate implants is that they are fitted on the same day as your tooth extraction and are fitted as to avoid any further appointments or downtime. Unlike traditional implants, which require a six week gap between appointments, immediate implants can be completed in one day.

Same day dental implants are particularly beneficial for patients who might be nervous about multiple treatments. The knowledge that the procedure will be complete with no further appointments can reassure a patient immensely. Furthermore, immediate implant placement may be more preferable for patients that require a faster solution e.g. they have a deadline or special occasion they want their smile looking perfect for but don’t have enough time for traditional implants.

Same day teeth (All-on-4 dental implants) in central London