Mr Ajay Talpada

Ajay is one of our valued Dental Nurses, he is a very committed team member and works with a multitude of our Dentists and Specialists.

Dental Nurse

Ajay, who is a qualified Dentist in his home country of India, has successfully completed his dental nurse qualification with the NEBDN and is a very valued member of our team. His calm, kind and patient manner is greatly endeared by his colleagues and patients alike. Ajay is very versatile within the clinic and works closely with Professor Mehl assisting for complex surgical cases, as well as assisting and supporting our Orthodontic team with their clinical and administrative tasks. Ajay speaks fluently in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi as well as English.


In his role, he provides excellent chairside support with the added benefit of his vast dental knowledge. He is very polite and friendly to all our patients and colleagues and is generally a joy to be around.

Ajay is involved with our weekly staff meetings and is learning about the procedures and standards of practice we follow for all clinical aspects in our clinic. He is very popular amongst the team and full of cheer and enthusiasm. Ajay has the benefit of speaking Hindi as well as English.

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