Case Study: All-on-4 Dental Implants

We recently had a patient who came to us seeking a solution for their missing teeth in the upper jaw. We had a detailed conversation with the patient to discuss the different options available to them, both fixed and removable. Once we had all the information we needed, we moved forward with the standard diagnostic procedures, which included a CBCT scan, digital scan, and smile design.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

For the upper jaw, our plan involved extracting the remaining teeth and placing dental implants using the all-on-4 technique. After the implants were in place, we didn’t leave the patient waiting for new teeth. We immediately loaded the upper implants with temporary teeth, allowing them to have a functional and aesthetic smile during the initial healing phase, which lasted for about two months. Once the healing phase was complete, it was time to replace the temporary teeth with a final restoration. This restoration consisted of a metal framework for stability and PMMA-milled teeth that were carefully designed to match the patient’s natural appearance. Overall, this case was a success, and our patient was thrilled with their new teeth, which not only improved their ability to eat and speak but also enhanced their smile and self-confidence.


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