Case Study: Dental Hygiene

This patient came to us with complaints related to dental discomfort and visible plaque buildup. Upon clinical examination, it was observed that the patient had substantial calculus accumulation on the teeth, primarily around the gum line. This condition indicated inadequate oral hygiene practices, necessitating professional cleaning to prevent potential oral health issues like gum disease and improve dental aesthetics.


Ms Jennifer Boardman

Treatment undertaken:

Our excellent resident hygienist, Jennifer, performed a detailed dental hygiene deep clean procedure, focusing on ultrasonic and manual scaling and root planing followed by EMS machine and manual polishing. The scaling process was conducted to remove the attached calculus. The polishing removes surface stains and smoothens the enamel, enhancing the aesthetic appearance and health of the teeth and gums. This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate concerns of plaque and calculus buildup but also aimed to educate the patient on maintaining optimal oral hygiene practices through proper brushing and flossing techniques.


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