Case Study: Fixed-teeth-in-a-day/All-on-4

A life-altering transformation can be achieved with a straightforward fixed bridge supported by four implants. This particular patient has struggled with dental issues for as long as he can recall and sought to regain the ability to savor life’s pleasures, such as indulging in a juicy steak. To commence the treatment process, we conducted a meticulous closed debridement in the lower jaw, followed by the implementation of standard diagnostic procedures, including CBCT imaging, digital scanning, and smile design.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

In the upper jaw, our treatment plan involved extracting all the remaining teeth and strategically placing four implants using the all-on-4 technique. These implants were then promptly loaded with temporary teeth to provide immediate functionality. Following a two-month initial healing period, the temporary teeth were replaced with a permanent restoration comprising a metal framework and PMMA-milled teeth, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing outcome.


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