Is it really possible to have a tooth or even a whole set of new teeth using dental implants – all in just one day?

Here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, we all appreciate that missing or loose teeth can seriously affect a patient’s quality of life as we see the effects of such an oral health situation every day in clinic. Being able to eat, laugh and speak with natural ease – these daily life necessities can become suddenly uncomfortable to do so or may even become limited depending on the severity of the patient’s current dental ill-health.

Rest assured that it is now easily within the realms of possibility to resolve this situation rather than having to just endure it. We offer the latest procedures and techniques in modern implantology to provide the right solution for many situations where teeth now need to be replaced. Dr. Costa, the Restorative Dentist in combination with Implantologists; Prof Dr. Christian Mehl and Dr. Dragisic from our practice, operate a state-of-the-art implant centre in the heart of Marylebone’s medical district in central London. Our multi-disciplinary, award-winning, expert team have been actively involved in the practical application, research and teaching within the field of dental implantology for many years.

Offering our individual solutions for our individual patients

Whether you need to have individual teeth replaced or whether an entire prosthesis (otherwise known as a false set of teeth) needs to be attached to your dental implants, know that your treatment options already extend to the immediate loading of implants with a tooth restoration. Utilising the All-On-4™ concept, an entire dental arch can be firmly screwed onto four implants in the upper jaw and four implants in the lower jaw, if required. This way, patients with ill-fitting prosthesis/dentures or patients without teeth at all, can regain a firm bite and a relaxed smile within just one day. 

Your dentist can often insert temporary bridges on the same day immediately after the treatment. After a healing phase of several weeks, your permanent, bespoke-made dental bridge will be placed within the mouth returning to you the freedom to enjoy your daily life to the full once again coupled with the knowledge you can eat again whatever you wish and with natural ease.

Dental implants offer many advantages:

  •                                 Stability of your dentures
  •                                 Natural and pleasing aesthetics when you smile
  •                                 Flexible treatment options for you to consider
  •                                 Scientifically proven and documented materials used
  •                                 Achieving securely fitting teeth for a lifetime

Many of our patients ask how they can improve their oral health quickly and safely. Other patients ask about the treatment options to enable them to smile, laugh and eat properly in both comfort and in confidence once again. We are delighted to offer the answer to these questions in the form of modern implantology if you are deemed a suitable candidate after consultation with a member of our friendly and professional expert team.

The highest standards of dental excellence and dental care using the most modern technology

State-of-the-art technology also helps with the planning and implementation of the insertion of your dental implants into the bone, should it be agreed to proceed with this treatment option. Using three-dimensional X-ray technology and special planning software, the dental implant can be virtually placed in the bone before the actual operation begins. 

This method ensures that the patient’s existing jawbone can be used optimally and so the potential of needing to include any bone augmentation measures can be avoided, if at all possible to do so. At the same time, the treatment time you experience is also significantly shortened as the dental implant is guided very precisely into the bone using a 3-D drilling template by your dentist during the surgery.

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