Bruxism (teeth grinding) treatment

Teeth grinding is the most obvious form of bruxism, which is an excessive muscular activity that results in prolonged and extremely vigorous contact between the teeth, unrelated to normal function, such as eating or talking. It usually happens at an unconscious level during sleep, but it can also occur during the daytime.

Bruxism can become a health concern as it wears away dental substances very quickly. It can also trigger the onset of other conditions such as chronic pain, toothache, headaches, and tinnitus. It can affect people of any age.

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What happens when you grind your teeth?

The most obvious result of bruxism is damage to the teeth, such as wear, chippings, discolourations, cracks, fractures, etc. But this dysfunction can also be associated with jaw and neck pain, headaches and sleep disruption.

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Natalie Harrat
Natalie Harrat
I have a long history of dental phobia. When my old dentist went into retirement I didn’t know where to go. I am not able to get through normal dental treatment. Prof. Dr. Christian Mehl was recommended to me. As an anxiety patient I clock up every little thing and I can only say that everybody in this surgery was naturally very friendly and helpful. There was never anything fake or contrived about it and my anxiety was accepted and dealt with as if it wasn’t a big deal, meaning I wasn’t treated like a time waster or nuisance. I have had life changing restorative surgery yesterday with Christian and his wonderful assistant Rebecca. I would have never thought this might be possible for me. The result is astounding and I am extremely thankful to this amazing team, which also includes Emma and Lin (thank you for coming by to check on me after surgery) at the reception and Dr. Andre du Plessis, who did the sedation. There is only a small number of options for people with dental phobia - this is one of them!!
Tasha & Taz
Tasha & Taz
First and foremost my dentist, Christian, is clearly an expert in his field. He transformed my teeth and, for the first time in years, I am not in pain - and I have new teeth to replace the ugly gaps. He is kind, considerate and attentive. He will go over and above to do the best for his patients. Second, all the staff are personable and helpful.and they make attending the dentist a pleasure rather than a chore. This place is not cheap but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Would I recommend this practice - absolutely and without reservation.
Stuart Chapman
Stuart Chapman
I highly recommend this practise. I have been seen by both Dr Raul Costa and Dr Jennifer Boardman. The information, care and treatment is exceptional. I always feel well looked after and informed.
Eleni Pissaridou
Eleni Pissaridou
I highly recommend Wimpole Street Dental Clinic - I had an exceptional experience having my retainer fixed there. Extremely friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable team - thank you!
Vera Creasey
Vera Creasey
I came to the Wimpole Street Dental Clinic with a serious dental problem and some hard decisions to make. I was greeted by the most friendly staff who immediately made me feel a lot more at ease and stayed encouraging and attentive during the entire course of treatment. Professor Christian Mehl, whilst caring and supportive, was also highly professional, informative and honest in his assessment which helped me opt for the right course of action. Professor Mehl has impressed me with his deep knowledge, skill and attention to detail. He made me feel uniquely special - a great gift indeed - and was always readily available to reassure and advise. Now that I have a full set of lovely teeth and my smile is truly back, I know that I have made the best decision and have a result I never thought possible. THANK YOU
I had to have a tooth extraction (molar) and an implant. I am a nervous patient and I can honestly say I never felt anything but 100% cared for. Dr Mehl is extremely knowledgeable and precise but he's also very calm and chatty. For me, a calm male presence was reassuring. I never felt any pain during the procedure and I was STAGGERED at how normal I felt afterwards. I could have gone back to work immediately. I had initially wanted sedation but I'm glad I didn't as apparently the recovery is a bit longer. He gave me a bag with lots of pain meds, cold packs, antiseptic mouth wash etc The most uncomfortable moment was the beginning of the tooth extraction because I forgot to breathe through my mouth. If you adjust your tongue so you can do that then it's fine!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of teeth grinding?

Tooth wear is irreversible, in the sense that teeth do not grow back. This damage can start affecting normal function and appearance. Sometimes bruxism can also result in severe jaw pain and temporal mandibular joint disorder.

What can you do to stop teeth grinding?

Early diagnosis is essential to avoid extensive irreversible damage to the teeth; that is why our dentists are very experienced in identifying signs of bruxism. The easiest way to prevent damage is to fabricate a highly precise night guard, which can be crucial in order to avoid excessive tooth wear through the years. Botox injections in the chewing muscles can also be very effective although they only work for a certain period of time.

Certain changes to lifestyle, aiming to reduce stress levels, are more difficult to implement, but ultimately are the best way to deal with this disorder.

Can teeth affected by Bruxism be repaired?

Bruxism ends up affecting the function and appearance of the teeth, but this can surely be reversed. Thanks to adhesive restorations, such as composites, ceramic veneers and overlays, this can be achieved with virtually zero invasion, seriously rejuvenating a smile in a very predictable way.

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