Case Study: Cosmetic Transformation

Our patient presented in clinic to us with a smile which she was not perfectly happy with – in terms of its current cosmetic appearance. These particular circumstances arose due to a particular clinical condition called “gemination” or “Gemini-tooth.” A “Gemini-tooth” refers to a case where the upper right central incisor is actually not just one tooth, but two teeth fused into one. If this is the presentation, then the right upper central incisor can appear extremely wide and so requiring extra space. This “Gemini-tooth” so identified can result in overcrowding and a pronounced upper right canine tooth.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

After the inevitable initial diagnostics (pictures, wax-up of the final situation) the central incisors were re-shaped (made thinner) and Invisalign was used to reduce the overcrowding. Then the four upper central incisors were prepared and restored with full ceramic veneers.


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