Case Study: Full Ceramic Crowns

The patient presented with wear and aesthetic concerns related to the crowns on the upper central incisors. Over time, the existing crowns had deteriorated, resulting in discolouration and compromised structural integrity. This not only affected the patient’s smile and confidence but also posed potential risks to oral health due to possible exposure of the underlying tooth structure. The patient expressed a desire for a more durable and natural-looking solution that would enhance the appearance and function of their front teeth.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

To address the patient’s concerns, we opted to replace the two crowns on the upper jaw central incisors with cut-back veneered zirconia crowns. This treatment choice was based on the superior strength and aesthetic qualities of zirconia. The cut-back technique allowed us to create a more natural appearance by adding a veneer layer that closely mimics the translucency and texture of natural teeth. The new crowns were meticulously crafted and fitted, resulting in a restoration that not only improved the patient’s smile aesthetically but also ensured long-lasting durability and function. The patient was highly satisfied with the outcome, noting a significant boost in both the appearance and comfort of their teeth.


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