Case Study: Immediate Implants

An 86-year-old female patient came to our clinic with severe periodontitis, apical infections, and functional dental issues. Despite her age, she was in excellent overall health and had a zest for life. Understanding her needs and health status, we decided to restore her dentition using immediate implants. Her main condition was to maintain a visually appealing dental appearance throughout the treatment, particularly in the aesthetic and visible areas of her mouth.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

Our treatment plan involved a phased approach, starting with the left side of her mouth, followed by a period of recovery, and then proceeding to the right side. To meet her precondition of having teeth in the visible areas at all times, we strategically placed temporary teeth immediately after extracting the affected teeth and placing the implants. This case is a prime example of our commitment to personalized treatment planning and meticulous execution, tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of our patients.


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