What is a periodontal procedure?

A periodontal procedure offers professional gum care to remove the build-up of tartar and plaque which has led to bacterial infection. This infection, if left untreated, can worsen over time as periodontal disease is a progressive gum health condition. 

Recommended periodontal procedures can vary from a professional teeth cleaning appointment, to a deep clean (open debridement) to non-surgical and surgical options depending on the severity of the condition as presented in clinic. Our treatment approach means that we offer our patients professional gum care at the highest standards of modern periodontal dentistry with a member of our expert team

Each stage only proceeds with both recommendation from your periodontist and with informed consent and agreement from you. Our clinical priorities are to ensure that the gum infection is removed, gum health is restored and the risk of re-infection is reduced. 

So just what is a periodontal procedure as opposed to any other dental treatment? 

A periodontal procedure treats periodontitis – periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontitis can be easily diagnosed due to the presence of swelling and bleeding gums as examined during consultation. Periodontitis, if left untreated (and over time), can lead to both oral and general health complications such as bone loss and tooth loss and – if the bacteria enters the bloodstream – it can lead to a higher risk of developing diabetes. Additionally, it can increase the risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack and it can impact pregnancy. 

Your bespoke patient journey to a periodontal procedure at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic always starts with an initial booked appointment for careful examination and diagnosis, before we work together to create the best gum care plan, just for you. With a periodontal procedure we aim not just to restore your gum health and your personal mouth comfort but also your confidence. 

We hope, going forward, that behind every smile you will now have a confident understanding of periodontitis and how it affects you with access to both an expert member of our periodontist team (upon appointment) plus all the information, advice and resources you may need to care for not just your teeth but your gums too. 

What is a periodontal procedure? From arrival at clinic to aftercare 

Our step by step guide: 

  1. You contact us to book an appointment for your periodontal procedure 
  2. At appointment, we provide an immediate diagnosis after both meticulous examination and careful assessment of both your current oral health and your oral health history
  3. We discuss and agree on your own individual periodontal care plan
  4. You ask and receive answers to any questions you may have 
  5. You consent to your recommended and fully understood periodontal procedure 
  6. Your periodontist (a dentist with extensive experience and expertise in performing periodontal treatment) or dental hygienist conducts your treatment and professional teeth cleaning and advises on your oral care at home
  7. Your periodontal treatment aims to remove all accumulated tartar and plaque from both your gum pockets and your gum line 
  8. Post-procedure, we schedule a re-evaluation appointment for your gums 4-6 weeks from today’s date to ensure no further inflammation remains
  9. If we determine that there are still some pockets left then an open debridement will be necessary. This technique means that we slightly lift the gums to see the condition of the surface of the root which is then thoroughly cleaned again
  10. We encourage you to begin your long-term periodontal care plan with us by committing to a regular schedule of check-ups with both your dentist and your dental hygienist here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic 
  11. We emphasise that our clinical priority now is to keep the gum inflammation you have experienced at bay and take all the steps we can to reduce the risk of re-infection and so development of ongoing periodontitis. This can be done with regular dental hygiene and dental recall visits tailor-made to your individual case
  12. We strongly suggest that should you be concerned about your gums or in fact any aspect of your oral health, to contact us at your earliest opportunity for the best professional advice. 

The purpose of a periodontal procedure is always to safeguard your gums who can then safeguard your teeth and so, together, safeguard your health and smile.

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