How long do dental crowns last?

If your dentist has recommended you receive a dental crown, know that it is specially designed to repair extensively damaged teeth. We design the full ceramic crowns we use ourselves in clinic, in our own dental laboratory giving us complete control over the process. We know every component which forms part of the dental crown as it has been custom made to the highest standard by our dental technician team. We are often asked: “how long do dental crowns last?” – so let us now explore all the aspects of how to care for such a durable tooth restoration as a dental crown. 

At Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, we are always delighted to consistently create the optimal clinical outcome for all our valued patients. We hope that you now enjoy the look and feel of your dental crown every time you laugh, smile, eat or drink or otherwise confidently continue with every aspect of your daily life – at work and at home. This renewed sense of wellbeing is one which you will surely wish to treasure and preserve, so here we explain just how long do dental crowns last. 

We know it takes trust, time and investment when you decide to proceed with a dental crown so know that they are expected to last an average of around 15-20 years and more – once fitted. There are ways you can maximise the longevity of your new dental crown to make it last just as long as possible. So, how long do dental crowns last? The best advice we can give is to be prepared to take care of your new dental crown as soon as your treatment is completed with us, in clinic. 

How long do dental crowns last? Your new dental crown – what to do 

  • Strictly follow your dentist’s advice post-treatment 
  • Visually check on your new dental crown twice a day when you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, especially at the start, for any signs of plaque build-up, wear or fitting issues 
  • Floss at least once a day and/or brush with interdental brushes
  • Commit to booking a regular schedule of routine check-up appointments with your dentist, just as you would for your natural teeth. Regular professional monitoring of your new dental crown by your dentist helps us spot any issues fast and could avoid the need for a repair to be made or even a replacement to be considered before it is usually required
  • Schedule in planned visits to the hygienist to complete your new oral care plan. Guard against the onset of gum disease which could impact on the stability of your dental crown
  • Make thoughtful food choices – consider avoiding foods which are excessively hard or crunchy to minimise the risk of chips or cracks 
  • Take extra care if you participate in contact sports – invest in a mouthguard to reduce the potential risk of injury to your dental crown 
  • If you suffer from bruxism – invest in a nightguard too, for the same reasons as above. 

How long do dental crowns last? Your new dental crown – what not to do 

  • Be patient with the healing process which can take time post-procedure. If you need a dental crown you may already have profound weakness present in the affected area so allow your body time to heal, to avoid any potential damage and to minimise the risk of infection to the site
  • Don’t inspect your new dental crown by trying to lift it from its newly cemented position on your tooth. Trust in our professional expertise to know that it is securely anchored 
  • Never exert excessive force when either cleaning your teeth or when consuming food to minimise the risk of potential chips or cracks appearing 
  • Consider stopping smoking if you are a smoker – this way you reduce the risk of crown discolouration which can occur as a result. Smoking can also contribute to the onset of gum disease or periodontitis which can affect the stability of your new dental crown, over time, too. 
  • Do not neglect your natural teeth – care for your teeth and your teeth restorations with the same level of care and attention to minimise the need for further treatments in other areas in the mouth which can need more time and financial commitment 
  • Do not take unnecessary risks with your teeth – when playing sports or pursuing your hobbies 
  • Do not wait if you have a concern with your dental crown at any time – contact us right away so we can help, fast. 

So, how long do dental crowns last? 

In order to make your dental crown last as long as possible – prioritise your smile.

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