Case Study: Restoration of a dentition with implants

Right after we place a new dental restoration, or very soon after, the work often looks fantastic, showcasing the skill of both the dentist and the dental technician. But the real test for any dental work is how well it holds up over time – not just in how it looks or functions, but also in how easy it is to keep clean. This is why we make a point of keeping track of all our patients’ dental restorations and offer a lifetime of check-ups.

In this instance, we’re looking at a patient who received bridges supported by implants.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

We have a series of photos showing the process: the first photo shows what the situation was like before the procedure, the second photo during the operation, and the third photo shows the completed restoration right after it was put in place.

While a year might not seem like a long time, it’s often enough to give us a good idea of how the restoration will hold up, assuming the patient keeps up with regular dental check-ups.

In this case, the dental work not only looks great but also fits perfectly with the patient’s natural anatomy and has proven to be stable in every way (as seen in the fourth photo).


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