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Teeth are naturally whitish/yellowish but their colour is not static throughout their lifetime.

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What is tooth discolouration?

Teeth can get discoloured over the years for multiple reasons, leaving an appearance of a less healthy, aged dentition. But it can be prevented and easily reversed, so it shouldn’t be in the way of a great smile.

What causes tooth discolouration?

  1. Poor oral hygiene routines can lead to the build-up of plaque and tartar, covering your beautiful enamel and making other food and drinks debris get stuck to it.
  2. Tea, coffee and red wine, as well as smoking, can discolour your teeth over the years
  3. Erosion, also known as acidic wear, is responsible for the dissolution of the enamel layer of your teeth, exposing the dentine, which is very yellow. Often tooth discolouration is related to tooth substance loss, not merely a cosmetic issue.
  4. People who suffer from Bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding, can put extraordinary forces on their teeth, which not only wears away the enamel but also makes the dentine tougher and darker.
  5. Some people have a more severe form of staining, known as intrinsical discolouration which happens during the formation of the teeth in early childhood. Tetracycline antibiotics can cause intense discolouration as well as excessive consumption of fluoride, which can lead to fluorosis.
  6. Non-vital teeth, meaning teeth that either had root canal treatment or lost vitality due to trauma, become dark.

How to treat yellow teeth

  • First of all, book an appointment with your dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning.  The latest airflow technology will ensure all external stains will be gently and efficiently removed. Ask your dental hygienist to help you optimise your oral hygiene routine which you follow at home to include the correct brushing and flossing techniques to adopt and recommendations for the best dental care products on the market.
  • Book an appointment with your dentist to rule out any other general dentistry diseases for your discoloured teeth.
  • Once the teeth are super clean and healthy but you still feel they could be brighter, your dentist may suggest aesthetic enhancement of your teeth such as
  • Teeth whitening – a superb solution for previously unrestored teeth, totally non-invasive and safe (having decades of observation), it is the easiest, affordableest, more conservative way to whiten your teeth. Great results are often achieved, particularly on teeth without much wear.
  • Composite bondings/veneers – if the teeth indeed present wear and tear, or perhaps several small old fillings, whitening may not be enough, and covering the surface of the teeth with composite can achieve fantastic results with no drilling required.
  • Ceramic veneers – the ultimate way to restore the shape and colour of your teeth, with minimal tooth preparation and extremely long-lasting results.

If you are worried about yellow discoloured teeth, contact the expert dental team at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic for the best professional general and cosmetic dentistry advice.

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