Root Canal Treatment

Saving a decaying tooth doesn’t have to be intimidating. Thankfully, the experienced professionals at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic in London can provide the utmost quality of care to conserve your smile.

Why Wimpole Street Dental Clinic in London?

Smiling like you mean it is important to your overall happiness. But irregular discomfort in the mouth can keep you from feeling and looking your best at all times. Between our internationally renowned team, state-of-the-art technology and ethical standards, we at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic have the tools needed to help you achieve your most sincere smile.

Additionally, we perform all root canal treatments in accordance with the guidelines of the German and British Society of Endodontics to ensure top excellence in care and treatment success.

What creates the need for a root canal?

Severe toothache caused by inflamed or damaged roots of the tooth leads to the need for a root canal treatment, otherwise known as endodontics. Damage caused by a fall or other type of traumatic incident, or perhaps a leaky filing, can lead to an infected pulp at the centre of the tooth, or the root canal. With root canal treatment, there’s an opportunity to save the structure instead of getting the tooth extracted.

How painful is root canal treatment?

The signs that point to the need for root canal treatment are very common. Generally, you’ll notice a ringing, piercing pain in the tooth, or a dull, pulsating sensation. The good news about root canal treatment is that it’s virtually pain-free. Those undergoing root canal therapy will typically receive local anaesthetic, which numbs the infected tooth and gum around it to ensure you don’t feel a thing during the entire process. Even after the treatment is complete, you may only notice minor sensitivity to the tooth for a few days following the procedure.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

The full amount you pay for your root canal treatment varies depending on your personal needs. However, the following amounts should give you a sense of what to expect for the cost of a root canal at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic in London:

  • Front tooth — £600
  • Premolar — £900
  • Molar — £1,200
  • Emergency root canal treatment — £250
  • Front tooth retreatment — £800
  • Premolar retreatment — £1,100
  • Molar retreatment — £1,400
  • Review X-ray — £95
  • Medication change — £100

What does our root canal treatment process look like?

root canal treatment steps


While root canal treatment can seem like an intimidating and extensive process, most therapies only require one visit to the dentist. The root canal treatment process is as follows:

  • We use state-of-the-art 3D X-ray technology to diagnose difficult root canals.
  • Nerve canals are cleaned and disinfected mechanically and chemically to kill existing bacteria and remove tissue remnants which both could cause inflammation.
  • Next, we close the root canal with a thick root filling to ensure bacteria is sealed out
  • Back teeth are sealed with crowns and partial crowns to prevent fracture or potential reinfection.
  • Front teeth are either sealed with fillings or crowns and partial crowns

Our restoration process is designed to strengthen the teeth and reduce the risk of decay in the future.




Are you ready to restore your smile?

The award-winning professionals at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic in London are ready to help you say goodbye to infection. Book an appointment today to restore your teeth and feel comfortable and confident in your smile again.

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Can root canal-treated teeth become reinfected?

Unfortunately, reinfection can occur after undergoing root canal treatment. Common causes of reinfection include:

  • Overlooked canals that were not properly treated the first time around.
  • Insufficient cleaning during the initial root canal treatment, often due to the complex anatomy of the patient.
  • Tooth decay or leaky fillings that caused bacteria to re-enter the root canal.

Retreatment, another service we provide, can take care of the renewed inflammation or damage.

How to reduce the chances of reinfection

Keeping your teeth healthy all comes down to proper oral care. To prevent reinfection and the need for root canal treatment altogether, consider the following:

  • Brush and floss teeth minimum twice a day
  • Although the impact is limited you can use mouthwash directly after root canal treatment
  • Visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings and oral exams
  • Notify your dentist immediately if you think your tooth is reinfected
  • Have the test restored with eighth fillings or partial crowns or crowns

How successful is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment has proven to be very successful for most patients. Tooth survival rates depend on the difficulty of the root anatomy, the amount of natural tooth that remains, the final restoration, the effort you put into keeping your teeth clean, and the amount of force you put on the tooth for biting purposes. For freshly infected teeth the chances off success are around 90-95% and for retreated teeth (teeth with a previous failing root canal treatment) around 60-80%.


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