Saving Teeth

Healthy natural tooth preservation, whenever possible, is our clinical priority here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, alongside the preservation of healthy gums, strong jaws and so the restoration of good oral health. A regular schedule of both dentist and dental hygiene appointments complemented by a commitment to a good and daily oral hygiene regime at home is your best defence against the onset of  both tooth decay, potential tooth loss and gum disease.

Should you need a dental treatment designed to save your teeth where possible, rest assured that we have a selection of options available for you to consider, as deemed appropriate and as recommended by your dentist. If you are experiencing severe toothache caused by inflammation or damage to the roots of your teeth, then you may need virtually pain-free root canal treatment. Similarly, if you find when you are caring for your teeth every morning and evening that you may have developed swollen or bleeding gums then a periodontitis treatment may be necessary. To address smaller tooth cavities, we can offer fillings and for larger ones inlays or partial crowns are an effective treatment to consider. If multiple, larger tooth cavities are present, rest assured that dental crowns are a well-established procedure available to you from our experienced dental specialist team.

Sometimes more complex issues arise which need a more significant dental intervention such as the removal or wisdom teeth or cysts so we are delighted to be able to offer oral surgery from our in-house operating theatre to swiftly and expertly to resolve these conditions on these occasions. Our dental hygiene service is performed by our dedicated team of dental hygienists whose professional teeth cleaning can conserve the level of good oral health you may already have, prevent any tooth decay or gum disease occurring or reoccurring and advise you on the best level of dental care and optimum nutritional and behaviour habits you may wish to adopt post appointment to conserve the quality of your now transformed smile and restored gums, teeth and jaws.

Please view below an outline of the current dental treatment options we are proud to offer when it is clinically viable to pursue saving teeth as our first and most desired priority, here in clinic:

Root Canal Treatment in London

Root Canal Treatment

With most of our dental patients needing just one visit to the dentist for this treatment, we conduct our restoration process for this condition using fine handcraft working in tandem enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art 3D X-ray technology and the powerful magnification of our in-house optical systems so we can act with guided precision at every step of the technique.

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Dental Hygiene- Wimpole Street Dental Clinic

Dental Hygiene

Professional teeth cleaning is a service exclusively undertaken by our dental hygiene team. By meticulous cleansing of the mouth of plaque in even the hardest to reach areas with Air Flow technology; polishing to remove tooth discolouration, where possible, and smoothing the teeth at the close of the procedure to offer an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable surface, your teeth and our dental hygienists expertise have the chance to truly shine.

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decay teeth london


You may need to consider a filling if you have experienced significant tooth decay causing both toothache and the creation of small dental cavities impacting on the quality of your oral health. To avoid the need for potential root canal treatment, tooth decay is best treated promptly to save the nerve and resolve both the pain and the inflammation. We use composite fillings for small cavities which enable us to save as much of the healthy tooth substance as we can.

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Inlays and Partial Crowns london

Inlays and Partial Crowns

If you are facing larger dental cavities or experiencing significant tooth decay, inlays and partial crowns may be a suitable dental treatment for your consideration, designed to replace the lost tooth substance which can no longer be saved. We choose to use all-ceramic inlays and partial crowns/onlays due to their high levels of biocompatibility and colour adjustability material properties generating perfect aesthetic results.

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dental crowns in London

Dental Crowns

Our dental crowns, crafted by our master dental technicians within our own dental laboratory offer a perfect match to the colour, texture, shape and form of your own natural teeth. If you have cracked or extensively damaged teeth then rest assured that the dental crowns, we can offer can indeed provide the restoration to your smile that you are looking for.

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periodontitis treatment london

Periodontitis (gum) disease

Periodontitis is a disease which develops in stages over time so depending on the severity of the condition as presented (and where appropriate to do so), we can offer an extensive periodontal disease treatment plan to prioritise the restoration of your oral health in a timely and effective way.

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oral surgery dentist london

Oral Surgery

If you need a wisdom tooth extraction, a cyst removed, bone surgery or find that you need to receive a complex oral rehabilitation programme of treatments and procedures, then we can help. Our operating theatre is staffed by our highly qualified, skilled and experienced dentists and surgeons who work with our sedationist team and our dental nurses to deliver the highest standards in clinical hygiene, surgical care and recovery protocols.

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bruxism treatment

Bruxism (teeth grinding) treatment

What happens when you grind your teeth? Affected people usually unconsciously rub their teeth against each other, causing long-term damage to the dental substance. They often do it in their sleep, when the consciousness is completely switched off or with strong mental and emotional tension. When the upper and lower jaws…

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When you are looking to save teeth, you need to act fast so our internationally renowned team at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic are ready to help you with the delivery of premium multi-disciplinary dental treatment options. Our experts in prosthodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic and biomimetic dentistry, orthodontics, implantology, oral medicine, anaesthesia and conscious sedation, dental nursing, dental hygiene, dental restorations all work seamlessly together in at atmosphere of the highest standards of professional excellence complemented by the ease of trusted communication when consulting cross-speciality in the best interests of our dental patients. This abundant resource of the latest evidence-based dentistry knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience is further supported by our clinical and business commitment to digitally enabled dentistry at every step of your care with the time and investment we have made in our state-of-the-art technology ably assisting our diagnostic and treatment preparation work as well as documenting our progress on a confidential basis for each patient in our clinic.
Please be advised that healthy gums do not normally bleed on their own. Gums can bleed due to injury or as a symptom of periodontal gum disease. Please book an urgent appointment with your dentist for the best advice.
Source: German Federal Dental Association) Article 10 of the new EU Mercury Regulation specifies in detail that amalgam will be retained as a dental filling material in the EU for reasons of security of supply. The European Commission is also ordered to present a feasibility study by the end of June 2020 on the question of whether the use of dental amalgam can be phased out in the long term, preferably by 2030. Member states will have to draw up national action plans for the phasing out of amalgam by July 2019. However, the Mercury Regulation prohibits the use of amalgam in certain risk groups. For example, as of July 2018, amalgam should no longer be used in the dental treatment of deciduous teeth, children under the age of 15 and pregnant or nursing women, unless "the dentist considers such treatment to be mandatory for the particular patient due to the specific medical needs necessary". Comparable regulations have existed in Germany for years.
The answer to this question depends on the size of the tooth cavity. White fillings last as long as amalgam fillings which is approximately 5-15 years. The longevity of white fillings can be improved if they are placed with a high degree of skill.
We recommend an electric toothbrush, interdental brushes and/or dental floss as your standard suite of products with which you can conduct a good daily oral hygiene regime. You could also use a tongue scraper if desired. If you wear dentures, you should use special toothbrushes to clean them. You could include the use of mouthwash as part of your daily dental care routine but it should not contain alcohol and should be one approved for prolonged use.
Please be advised that bad breath (halitosis) can be caused by tooth decay, periodontitis and stomach problems. The cause of bad breath can be identified by either your dentist or indeed your GP. Please book an appointment for consultation if this issue is a concern.
This sensitivity and/or discomfort could occur due to the fact that over the course of a lifetime your gums naturally recede at a rate of about 0.1mm annually, which exposes the neck of the tooth. Just behind the surface of the neck of the tooth are thousands of tiny canals connected to the nerve of the tooth. When you drink something very hot or very cold these small canals transport the sensation of this extreme temperature, recognised as pain, to the tooth nerves. This is a situation you may get used to or you could use a toothpaste designed to reduce sensitivity to mitigate its effects on your oral comfort or you have the dental treatment option of sealing the neck of the tooth with white composite fillings. Please consult your dentist for advice if this is a concern for you.
A tooth-coloured composite filling largely consists of a matrix (an acrylate) and fillers (silicon dioxide and/or quartz). Wimpole Street Dental Clinic is a professional, friendly and informative space for you to consider and then proceed (if you wish) with the dental treatment recommended to you at consultation with a member of our dental specialist team. As we establish our centre of excellence here, setting a new standard for modern, digitally enabled dentistry, we warmly invite you to start your patient journey with us, today.

Treatment Reviews

treatment reviews dental clinic london

Barbara S

I would definitely recommend Dr Mehl for root canal treatment! I got an emergency treatment the same day and the doctor took care of my pain. I loved this place, very friendly staff & professional team.

patient testimonials wimpole street dental clinic

Anastasia T

I woke up last week with a severe toothache and went to see Dr Mehl. During the examination, it turned out that my pulp was inflamed and I could not avoid a root canal treatment. Until now, I did not always hear the best experiences from root canal treatments, but I hardly noticed anything with Dr Mehl. He was very careful and concentrated in his work, so he didn’t make any mistakes. I am amazed!