Ms Chrystal Sharp

Chrystal works closely with orthodontists/dentists to optimise the patient’s orthodontic journey. She was awarded Best Orthodontic Therapist 2022 at the Clinical Dentistry Awards.

Dental Therapist & Hygienist


In her current practice, she has thoroughly immersed herself in the Invisalign system through online training platforms, collaborating with her lead Invisalign colleague, Dr Sanjan Sudarshan, to meticulously plan treatment cases.


GDC Number


After qualifying in Orthodontic Therapy from Warwick University in 2012, she has dedicated the past decade to enhancing her clinical skills, enabling her to proficiently work with a multitude of orthodontic systems. She holds certifications in Incognito, Harmony, and Win lingual fixed appliance systems, enriching her with invaluable clinical acumen and the assurance to precisely fit and adjust these systems. Moreover, she has participated in several national and international symposiums in Los Angeles, Nice, and completed the Damon Insignia certification course. Her experience also includes lecturing for Ormco, where she assists in the education of fellow Orthodontic Therapists.

She has honed her skills in case planning, implementing suitable attachment designs for increased efficiency, and troubleshooting various challenges, such as using elastic lassos for poorly tracking lateral teeth and addressing pressure points with Invisalign detailing pliers. Furthermore, she has integrated the use of the Carriere motion appliance with Invisalign, applying inter/intra-arch elastics, power arms for correcting root angulation, and adapting Invisalign for mandibular advancement in teenagers.

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