Teeth Whitening
in Wimpole Street

Beautiful white teeth convey attractiveness and self-confidence. People with bright teeth tend to be perceived as healthier and better groomed. They find it easier to smile and they exude vitality.

Treatment Duration

60 minutes


From £500

Combined Team Experience

25+ years

Recovery Time

24 hours

Our Google Rating

★★★★★ (4.9)

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment involving the application of a bleaching agent (usually one containing a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide) to brighten/whiten the teeth (using mouth guards) by two to three shades and so remove significant tooth discolouration to improve their appearance and so restore your own personal confidence in your smile.

Teeth whitening is popular for patients who perhaps have a stain on their tooth/teeth or simply want their overall smile whitened for a brighter and more youthful look.

Who is suitable for Teeth Whitening?

Whitening is designed for most of our dental patients to consider as it can improve the tooth colour by two to three shades by the use of a bleaching agent.

We would advise, however, that whitening is not a suitable treatment to consider in the following situations:

  • In case of pregnancy or during the nursing period.
  • If you take the following medicines or substances: chlorothiazide, hydrochlorothiazide, chlorthalidone, Naprosyn, oxaprozin, nabumetone, piroxicam, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, psoralens, demeclocycline, isotretinoin, tretinoin.
  • In case of carious lesions ( a small hole appearing on the tooth surface) and/or leaking restorative margins and crown margins within the mouth (simply the gap between your natural teeth and the dental prosthetic – such as a crown – already in place).
  • If you are under the age of 18.
What does teeth whitening cost?


from £500


from £900

Whitening your smile and remove unwanted stains with teeth whitening

We’ve whitened the teeth of thousands of patients over the years and know that a visible stain or a yellow shade of teeth can make them feel more self-conscious and less self-confident. We provide a variety of teeth whitening treatments from our London dental practice that are safe, effective and reasonably priced.

Book an appointment or e-consultation with us today to find out how teeth whitening works and how Wimpole Street Dental Clinic can help.

Our Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Verity Wilkinson
Verity Wilkinson
I can’t recommend the clinic enough! I am a nervous person when it comes to dentistry but was made to feel immediately at ease by all the staff. Christian and his team are incredible!
Alexander Higgs
Alexander Higgs
Expertise shown by Dr S Chawla was excellent, calmed any nerves I had and let me know everything that was going to happen before doing anything. Gave a detailed plan and was able to answer any question I had for him. Unfortunately 2 Bitewing X-rays did not load so was exposed to unnecessary radiation. Hope they correct this Fault for future patients.
Mehmet Ali
Mehmet Ali
I’ve had fixed implants( top and bottom) at this clinic . I could not be happier with the result. Dr Dejan Dragisic preformed the procedure and I can not recommend him highly enough . The whole team at this clinic are very professional, helpful and friendly . Dr Dejan Dragisic explained the whole procedure and put my mind at rest the whole whole time I was in the chair . I had very little pain afterwards . Worth every penny .
lailaa carr
lailaa carr
Excellence. I can't say this enough. Just Excellence, from the moment I walked in to when I left. I was very nervous after bad experiences over many, many years with other dental practices, resulting in me not going to a dentist. The receptionists were very kind and understanding, making me feel at ease. Prof. Dr Christian Mehl was extremely patient, respectful, attentive, and assuring, and he explained everything to me. My treatment was smooth and flawless, with absolutely no pain. He is, without a doubt, a true professional. I have my faith restored, but most of all, I have finally, finally found a dental clinic and a dentist I can trust. I can't thank everyone enough. I don’t normally write or trust reviews. If you are reading this, then I assure you, you can trust this one.
Bernhard Raschke
Bernhard Raschke
Brilliant team (receptionists, dentists, nurses), brilliant patient experience and top quality work. Real professionals with a big heart!
Donna Williams
Donna Williams
6 star service and care! What a fabulous experience- worth every £. Exceptional dentistry from surgeon Dr A El-Awa , top tech used to ensure my 2nd molar was extracted in the most efficient, comfortable ( pain free) and caring, personal manner. Unbelievably well treated by all staff, front desk to Dr’s assistants Alice and Anna. Simply beyond expectations. Thank you ! Don’t hesitate to book this top class, clean and professional clinic. Off the charts, excellent. Actually looking forward to the follow up treatment programme for the rest of my mouth!! And I came up from Brighton to Central London for this. Well done. Best £££’s worth in a very long time!
David Blakeborough
David Blakeborough
My local dentist referred me to WSDC for a lower wisdom tooth extraction. I'd had the other one done elsewhere 5 years prior and it wasn't the best experience so I was quite nervous... Dr El-Awa was incredibly calming and took his time to explain the process at the beginning, and throughout. This extraction was substantially more complicated than my previous one given the tooth angle / position but while I wouldn't say it was fun, it was a much calmer process and the 'moment of dread' never transpired; slow and steady with plenty of communication. The rest of the staff and the premises were all excellent. For a relatively unpleasant thing to go through, the team couldn't have done more and I'd thoroughly recommend.
Toma Lo
Toma Lo
Want to say big thank you for Dr A. El-Awa and nurses for excellent service, and amazing care of my son treatment. Also want to say thank you for Sofia, she was very helpful.
Kate Elliott
Kate Elliott
Wonderful dental clinic, would highly-recommend. Sofia at the front desk went above and beyond to assist me with an emergency wisdom tooth extraction, including bringing the appointment forward to fit around flights. Professor Mehl is incredibly kind and gentle and made the procedure painless for me. He explained what he was doing throughout the procedure and provided attentive after-care.

London teeth whitening that is safe, natural-looking and reliable

What happens during teeth whitening?

There are currently three whitening treatment options available at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic:

Home bleaching / At-Home Whitening

This treatment is one you conduct for yourself at home. At your treatment appointment, we will advise you on all the instructions and give you tailor-made mouth guards for you to use for both your upper and lower jaws. The mouth guards are filled with the bleaching agent and so you wear them for 1-4 hours to start with and then during the night.

NB: Teeth whitening as a cosmetic dentistry treatment can only be performed on healthy teeth so prior to the treatment commencing your dentist will carefully examine your oral health including the current condition of your teeth and gums. Tooth decay and periodontitis, if present, must be treated successfully prior to the whitening treatment going ahead.

Please also note that to deliver the best aesthetic result possible, professional teeth cleaning by your dental hygienist will be necessary to remove any light stains or surface discolouration.

In-office or ‘chair-side’ bleaching

This is the option to have the bleaching performed here at our dental practice where a bleaching agent, usually 6% hydrogen peroxide, is used. Rest assured that in accordance with a new EU guideline, the bleaching agent used may not contain more hydrogen peroxide than the one we give you to use at home.

NB: It is possible to offer you a combination of home-bleaching and in-office bleaching if you so wish. Please ask your dentist at your initial cosmetic dentistry consultation if this is an option you would like to consider.

Walking bleach

This is the second option we can offer here at our dental practice. This method means that we carefully brighten up root canal treated and discoloured teeth over a period of a few weeks. For a duration of 3-5 days, the root canal is filled with hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration), and so the tooth regains its original aesthetically pleasing colour.

Why is Wimpole Street Dental Clinic best for teeth whitening in London?

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is one of our key clinical strengths at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic here in central London in addition to general dentistry practice. We have professional capability in terms of qualified cosmetic dentists plus state-of-the-art dental aesthetic treatment methods to achieve high-quality and long-lasting results when tackling significant tooth discolouration and staining through our whitening treatments.

We are flexible enough to offer three tooth whitening methods depending on the treatment schedule you would prefer to commit to with the possibility to combine at-home and in-clinic appointments at the dental surgery where possible.

We genuinely appreciate that our dental patients seek an integrated treatment approach to deliver not just a medically healthy mouth and an excellent standard of oral health but a level of personal comfort and confidence only available to you when you possess an aesthetically pleasing smile. This is why we are proud to offer our premium, multi-disciplinary dental treatments all in one place – here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic. Contact us to let us help you naturally want to smile with pride in your dental health at every opportunity, today. 

Meet our team who are experts in Teeth Whitening…

  • We have over 75+ years of combined dentistry experience across our specialist team.
  • 10,000+ treatments performed and counting.
  • We are leaders in the dental industry – we regularly teach, lecture and publish our research work internationally.

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Teeth Whitening: Patient Case

Frequently asked questions

How much does teeth whitening cost?

The current fees for teeth whitening treatment at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic are:

·       Home whitening trays and whitening gel – £500
This fee includes the creation of impressions, whitening trays and the supply of bleaching gel alongside expert guidance and instructions for use

·       Zoom teeth whitening including home kit – £900
This fee includes a 2-hour whitening session in clinic plus full aftercare guidance.


Is teeth whitening safe?

As the NHS confirms, teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment and so should only be conducted by a dentist or regulated dental professional. The use of bleaching agents and the need for securely fitting mouthguards as part of the application means that the utmost care is to be taken to ensure minimal discomfort and/or tooth and gum sensitivity occurs during the procedure. Trust your dentist to be best placed to carefully prepare both the regulated products used (including a small concentration of hydrogen peroxide) and the made-to-measure dental appliance you will require so as to avoid any potential complications.

How do you whitening teeth at home?

Home teeth whitening kits or whitening gel are available to purchase from retail outlets but as the process usually involves the use of a bleaching agent in some form, we believe it is best conducted under the supervision of a qualified professional such as your dentist in order to achieve the highest quality standards of both patient safety and aesthetic results possible. 

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Does teeth whitening work?

Professional teeth whitening treatments performed by a dentist in clinic or conducted at home under a dentist’s supervision, can brighten teeth by between two to three shades with the bleaching effect lasting between three to five years. Ask to see some of our patient’s recent teeth whitening results and before and afters.

How long does teeth whitening last? Is teeth whitening permanent?

We would suggest that on average, the bleaching effect which results from your teeth whitening treatment lasts for three to five years but it is not permanent. The duration that your teeth stay the shade you have achieved depends on your diet and your oral hygiene regime post-treatment. Your newly whitened teeth are more susceptible to the discolouration some foods and drink can cause over time – for example red wine, tea, coffee, cola. It may be prudent to restrict or even eliminate such items from your diet in order to prolong the aesthetically pleasing results you now enjoy, post-treatment. 

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Does baking soda whiten teeth? Do teeth whitening strips work?

Baking soda is a popular ingredient in many toothpaste products. It can be said that baking soda can prove effective when removing light stains. Whitening strips are a popular product available to purchase in many retail outlets. We do not currently offer teeth whitening strips as a cosmetic dentistry treatment option here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic.

For the best cosmetic results which are delivered with the highest quality standards of both patient safety and aesthetic benefits possible, please consult your dentist for full details on our teeth whitening treatment.

How do you whiten teeth instantly?

The everyday practice of good oral hygiene can be the best tool available to you to maintain whiter teeth. To enhance your dental care regime, why not consider our teeth whitening treatment for more longer- lasting results?

How long does teeth whitening take?

The duration of whitening depends on your individual case plus the type of bleaching method you choose. Your dentist can advise on the exact duration your own treatment plan will take during your initial cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

With any whitening, it is possible to experience considerable tooth sensitivity and irritated gums after bleaching treatment. These symptoms are usually short-lived so if you notice these side effects occurring for more than three days, please consult your dentist here at the dental practice for a post-treatment check-up. In the end, you’ll have a healthy pain free white smile.

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How do you whiten teeth with braces?

We would advise that any ongoing orthodontic treatment such as the application of braces be completed prior to the commencement of a cosmetic dentistry treatment such as teeth whitening to ensure the most obstacle-free, evenly delivered and the aesthetically pleasing result may be achieved.

How do you whiten yellow teeth?

Please be advised that our teeth whitening treatment can brighten teeth enamel by two to three shades only. If you are experiencing significant yellowing of the teeth, you may find that the white enamel is wearing thin, exposing the dentin part of the tooth underneath which is a more pronounced yellow in colour. If this is the case, you may wish to explore the veneers treatment option which we also offer at our dental practice – just ask your dentist for full details at your next appointment with us.


How long after teeth whitening can I eat normally?

The first three days leading into the first two weeks post-treatment is the time when you need to be the most vigilant regarding the discolouration and/or staining risk posed by some dietary items. We would advise a predominantly ‘white foods diet’ including choices such as yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, water, cauliflower, celery, turkey, fish, rice, white flour goods such as white bread, toast, semolina and pasta for these first few days of nutrition post-treatment.

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