Case Study: Immediate implants

A 22-year-old patient came to our clinic after a severe bicycle accident, resulting in the fracture of teeth 12, 13, and 14 at gum level. Given the patient’s young age and the nature of the injury, a variety of treatment options were considered. These included leaving the teeth as is, root canal treatment with orthodontic or magnetic extrusion, extraction followed by a fixed dental prosthesis (FDP), implants, removable denture, or a combination of these treatments. The decision-making process was complex, balancing the patient’s age and the specific challenges of the injury.


Prof Dr Christian Mehl

Treatment undertaken:

Considering the young age of the patient, the focus was on preserving the natural teeth. The chosen treatment involved root canal therapy, magnetic extrusion, and the insertion of titanium posts, completed with full ceramic crowns. This approach was aimed at maintaining the natural structure and aesthetics of the teeth. The final restoration, captured immediately after placement and cement cleaning, showed the gingiva not fully healed but indicated a promising outcome.


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