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Implant Fees

On this page, you can find the cost of any implant procedure at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic.

CBCT plus diagnostics, report, and implant measurement

A CBCT is a three-dimensional X-ray showing us the teeth and the bones. You will be provided a download link which contains the program to read the data, we will also give you a short report of our findings and a suggestion for a treatment.

Cost: From £400

CBCT plus diagnostics, report, and implant measurement (and drilling template)

A CBCT is a three-dimensional X-ray that shows us the teeth and bone. After taking the CBCT, a download link will be provided which contains a program to read the data as well as a report concluding our findings and suggested treatment. We take impressions of your teeth to produce a drilling template, so can precisely position your implant, resulting in better restoration of the teeth.

Costs: From £800

Implant placement (per implant)

The cost of an implant is variable and dependent on individual circumstances. Implants can be easy to place if the bone and soft tissue are still intact. The implants we place are sourced from the biggest and best-researched implant companies worldwide – Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer Biomet and Camlog. Thus, we make sure that the products have strict quality controls and that we have spare parts for the next 50 years.

Costs: From £2,200

Bone graft

If there is missing bone that is not replaced, the long-term stability of an implant is impaired. We are experts in the field of implantation with simultaneous bone augmentation. Our objective is to cultivate sufficient bone mass, guaranteeing the enduring triumph of implant stability and aesthetic excellence. Our bone grafting materials (e.g., BioOss, Endobon, MinerOss) are of bovine or porcine origin and come from the world’s biggest producers (e.g., Geistlich, Zimmer Biomet, Biohorizon). We always cover our bone augmentation materials with membranes (also of bovine or porcine origin, e.g., BioGuide or Osseoguard or Memlok). In cases of religious belief, we can use completely artificial materials, which are not as good as materials of bovine or porcine origin but work as well. We exclusively procure and utilize the finest materials accessible within the dental market, while actively engaging with and contributing to the most recent advancements in research pertaining to this dynamic domain of dentistry.

Cost: From £1,200

Block graft

In rare cases, the loss of bone and soft tissue is so great that implantation with simultaneous bone augmentation Is not possible and only poses a greater risk. In these circumstances, we can use bone from the lower jaw rear to augment the area where bone is missing. In some cases, we combine soft tissue graft/transplant from the palate. Once the anatomy is restored, we can safely place the implant. The block grafting includes the bone transplant, the artificial bone, and a membrane to cover the defect.

Cost: From £2,500

Sinus tap per implant.

A sinus tap – or internal sinus lift –involves elevating the sinus floor of the upper jaw to create space for a longer implant to be placed. It is a short but technically very sensitive procedure, where the lower bone is gently raised through the implant cavity. A minimum residual bone height of 5 mm is a prerequisite for the successful execution of this technique.

Cost: From £500

Sinus lift

If a sinus tap – or internal sinus lift – is not possible due to a height of less than 5 mm of the residual bone the sinus needs to be lifted from an extra lateral entrance. This procedure demands a high level of technical precision and should only be performed by skilled professionals. In nearly all instances, the implant can be inserted concurrently.

Cost: From £2,200

Simple implant exposure per implant

If the inserted implant heals beneath the gum line, it becomes necessary to create a minor incision to ‘uncover’ the implant and expose it to the oral cavity.

Cost: From £400

Implant exposure per implant with gingival graft

In the event, that we have not placed the implant and the implant remains beneath the gums, we will perform a small incision to ‘expose’ the implants to the oral cavity. If there is not enough volume of bone or soft tissue, or if the longevity and stability are compromised due to the lack of attached gums, we may decide to use a gingival graft to increase the stability of the implant.  

Cost: From £1,200

Implant crown (anterior)

We utilize digital scanning to determine the implant’s alignment in relation to neighbouring teeth. Additionally, photographs capturing the colour of adjacent teeth are taken. The crown design is computer-generated, and it is milled from a ceramic block. Subsequently, it undergoes ceramic veneering or colouring to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. The process includes meticulous polishing and glazing. Our choice of ceramics, sourced from reputable providers like Ivoclar and Amann Girrbach, is of the highest quality. Our accomplished dental technicians play a pivotal role in ensuring both stability and impeccable aesthetics. In the event of colour discrepancies, we persist until we achieve a flawlessly harmonious outcome.

Cost: From £2,100

Implant crown (posterior)

Just like our approach to all restorative procedures, we begin by digitally scanning the implant’s placement in relation to adjacent teeth. Additionally, we capture photographs to capture the colour nuances of neighbouring teeth. The final crown is then made using computer design and carved out of a ceramic block and ceramic veneered to match your teeth, it is then polished and glazed. We use the best ceramics there are on the market (Ivoclar and Amann Girrbach) and have fantastic dental technicians to ensure stability and aesthetic perfection.

Cost: From £1,800

A full ceramic dental bridge (three teeth) anterior

For our bridges, we ensure the gum around the implants is in pristine condition. We then take digital impressions of the positioning of the implants. The final bridge is computer-designed and carved out of a ceramic block and then ceramic veneering to match your existing teeth, finalised with polish and glazing.

Cost: From £4,800

A full ceramic dental bridge (three teeth) posterior

A bridge for posterior teeth replaces one or more missing teeth in the back of your mouth. We utilize digital impressions to create a fully ceramic bridge, which is computer-designed, precision-milled, and meticulously colour-glazed to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.

Cost: From £3,900

Per additional tooth

We apply an additional for each missing tooth that we replace.

Cost: From £500

Per the additional anchor tooth

For each additional tooth to be integrated into the bridge.

Cost: From £750

All on four fixed teeth in a day

In this procedure, we produce diagnostics records (3-D X-ray models, a bite, photos, a drilling template and a temporary.) In the operation, we extract the remaining teeth – or teeth that must be meticulously removed – by placing four implants per jaw, taking an impression, and producing an immediate temporary you can leave with on the same day.  All pre- and post-operative medications will be included. The final restoration is crafted using an invisible metal substructure and cutting-edge composite or ceramic teeth, and each component is strategically positioned using teeth that are pre-made in industrial settings. The gum component is composed of standard Bis-GMA resin.

Cost: From £15,000

Extra implants for all four procedures

Although scientifically, four implants are enough to support a screw-retained bridge, you may not be comfortable with only having four implants placed. While the medical and technical procedure remains constant, additional time and materials are required for the placement and restoration of extra implants.

Cost: From £2,000

Zygoma implant-supported fixed teeth in a day

Zygoma or zygomatic implants are implants that are placed in the zygomatic bone if there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw. This is a very specialised treatment only performed by a team of specialists at our clinic.

Cost: From £25,000

We provide a variety of payment solutions to cater to your individual preferences. You have the flexibility to cover your treatment expenses using various methods, including cash, credit cards, or even American Express. Additionally, we have formed partnerships with Tabeo Finance to help you effectively manage the costs associated with your treatment. Our financing option has been specifically designed to accommodate individuals with limited disposable income, making it convenient to spread out the expenses and ensure accessibility to the treatment you need.