How do I know if I need a bone graft for dental implants?

Bone augmentation at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic

Your dentist would normally recommend a bone graft (bone augmentation) if you need a dental implant but your natural bone volume at the affected site within the mouth is insufficient to support it, once securely placed.

Remember that a dental implant relies on the strength of your jawbone as the infrastructure it is directly anchored to, so it needs to be strong. We believe a strong jawbone provides the optimal platform to proceed with this treatment as we try to restore dental health, mouth comfort, personal confidence and general wellbeing.

A bone graft is a modern and specialised dental surgery procedure which can be performed in the upper and/or lower jaw and often conducted on an outpatient basis here in our London dental clinic. At Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, we often mix your natural bone with an artificial bone material to offer the best jaw contouring results. This exact blend of bone helps to embed your subsequent dental implant to ensure the best clinical outcome possible.

Do I need a bone graft?

Relax. If you need a bone graft prior to the placement of your dental implants you will be advised by an expert member of our team at consultation.

There are certain dental history factors which may make it more likely that you could present as a suitable candidate for bone grafting. They are:

  • If you have multiple teeth missing or tooth extractions or have suffered extensive periodontitis (gum disease) you could now be experiencing jaw weakness or jawbone loss
  • Similarly, if you have experienced multiple dental infections your jawbone may present as weaker
  • If your missing teeth have been missing for a considerable amount of time, resorption would occur which means the body resorbs the calcium from the affected site and uses it in other parts of the body.
  • If you have had an injury to your mouth which has impacted your jawbone leading to jawline fractures or jawbone loss

Wimpole Street Dental Clinic – aspiring to be your first choice for bone grafting

Here in the heart of London, we aspire to be the centre of dental excellence and dental care in the United Kingdom. We believe we offer the perfect balance of location, professional expertise and digitally-enabled dentistry on a fully in-house basis. These sure foundations to our offer ensure you receive the best care should you need our bone grafting techniques to restore your oral health. Our bone grafting dental surgery is led by Prof. Mehl whose clinical expertise in Oral Surgery and Implantology is further complemented by his proficiency in all aspects of the field of periodontology, aesthetics and restorative dentistry.

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