What are red gums?

Red gums can indicate the onset of periodontitis or gum disease in its initial mild form – gingivitis.

Red gums can reduce your self-confidence and negatively impact your wellbeing as you may become reluctant to smile and hesitate to eat, drink or adequately brush your teeth for fear of pain and/or discomfort.

Symptoms of red gums

  • Distinct colour change of your gums from your natural pinkish tone to one of deeper red
  • Tender or sore gums to the touch
  • Bleeding gums when you brush and/or floss your teeth
  • Bad breath
  • An unpleasant taste due to pus discharge
  • Pain, discomfort and/or bleeding when you eat or drink
  • A noticeable change from firm to softer gums

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What causes red gums?

  1. Poor, inconsistent oral hygiene – the initial irritation occurs due to the accumulation of bacteria and plaque leading to the start of the mild form of gum disease, gingivitis
  2. Previously unknown allergies – to foods, drinks, medicines or mouthwash
  3. Side-effects of medical treatment such as chemotherapy
  4. Significant mouth ulcers or dental abscesses requiring professional treatment
  5. Gum abrasion – brushing your teeth with an incorrect technique, meaning you are vigorously brushing your gums instead

How to treat red gums

In the case of gingivitis, red gums will quickly heal once its cause – dental plaque or tartar – has been removed. This can happen if you improve your oral hygiene, i.e., start flossing and using better brushing techniques. However, often the plaque and/or tartar is already too thick for the patients to be able to remove it themselves, and that’s when a visit to your dentist and to your dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning will become essential to start the healing process and revert the inflammation.

Dental professionals can also advise you on how to optimise your oral hygiene routine at home and recommend the best dental products available for use.

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As always, the first step for better oral health is to Book an appointment with your dentist for a professional examination.