What do dental hygienists do?

Your first encounter with a member of our expert team could be when you have been referred by your dentist for a professional teeth cleaning appointment. Our dental hygienists provide the highest standards of clinical dental care as highly trained and experienced dental professionals within their own specialisms, committed to pursuing their continuous professional development. Quite simply, your dental hygienist provides the pivotal clinical bridge between patient and procedure in liaison with and on recommendation from our dentist and surgeon team.

The professional priority of a dental hygienist is always preventative care for your oral health – so with this in mind, here is our top ten list of invaluable skills which a dental hygienist can offer you, here at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic.

1.    Expertly assess your oral health

Our dental hygienists in clinic have daily, first-hand, clinical experience of examining and assessing healthy teeth and gums. From your visual presentation, they can spot the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, infection, abscess or even the onset of bad breath at consultation and raise these oral health issues for immediate care planning and treatment.

2.    Professional teeth cleaning – routine

Your dental hygienist cleans your teeth to remove plaque and discolouration before polishing to restore the shine to your smile during a routine six monthly check up. At our clinic, we offer EMS Air-flow® technology using EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy. It is safe and effective, offers superior cleaning, is comfortable during treatment, time saving and can be used on both natural teeth as well as all types of dental restorations. Your dental hygienist can also treat dental implant infections with this equipment and technique.

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3.    Periodontal cleaning – a deep clean

With signs of bleeding or the start of inflammation gingivitis may be present – the mild form of gum disease (periodontitis). Here you may have two dental cleanings just one to two weeks apart so your dental hygienist can check on the condition of your teeth and gums and so offer a professional teeth cleaning again if needs be. Above and below the gum line cleaning may be undertaken for you – addressing your teeth and your gums pockets. Below the gum line cleaning, if necessary, uses scaling and root planing techniques. Scaling removes the hard-set plaque and tartar and root planing can smooth the root surfaces so as to prohibit the growth of new bacterium and so new plaque.

4.    Expert advice on optimising your oral hygiene routine

Our dental hygienists are passionate advocates of dental care education. They will gladly offer you all the information and advice you may need on products, techniques, best practice and mistakes to avoid when caring for your teeth and gums on a daily basis at home.

5.    Demonstrate the best oral hygiene techniques

If you are new to flossing, you can ask your dental hygienist to demonstrate the best way to floss or use interdental brushes to optimise your oral hygiene routine at home. If your dentist advises that you are brushing your teeth too hard, then your dental hygienist can show you a more effective and careful technique.

6.    Expert advice on oral hygiene products

You may be thinking of switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric one for the first time, so your dental hygienist is a perfect resource for free advice on the features of the product you need to be looking for when you purchase.

7.    Offers nutritional/diet information

As your dental hygienist is tasked with preventative care, they are experts in offering nutritional/diet information, share recommendations and signpost you to guidelines which can improve your oral health and future-proof your newly restored smile.

8.    Acts as chair-side confidante

You may feel more comfortable asking your dental hygienist questions about a forthcoming procedure of which you are currently anxious about – such as a root canal treatment or a dental crown or an implant. Your dental hygienist can offer you more information about it or signpost you to a colleague who can – before your scheduled treatment appointment with your dentist.

9.    Meticulous record-keeping – digitally enabled dentistry

Once you register at our clinic as a new patient, your dental hygienist will become instrumental in the creation of your accurate and protected confidential diagnostic records, digital documentation and any other personal patient record keeping necessary to deliver the highest standards of care within our modern dentistry approach. Your dental hygienist is a trusted link in our effective in-clinic communication channels during every carefully planned stage of your premium dental care with us.

10.  Offer pre and post treatment guidance and aftercare

Our highly experienced, friendly and professional dental hygienists can also advise on our pre and post treatment guidance and aftercare during consultation. Dental hygienists often see and support anxious patients who may be in discomfort – whether that it is in the waiting room, the consultation room or the treatment room – a professional expert resource on which you can readily rely. Contact Wimpole Street Dental Clinic to book your next dental hygienist appointment.

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