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Ms Martha Urban

Dental technician

Martha is a long experienced Dental Technician. She joined our laboratory in 2018. Her specialities are ceramic restorations and full arch restorations. Together with Kathrin, Sandra and Berit she is a rare talent when it comes to imitating nature.

  • 08/2018 joined HarderMehl Dental Laboratory
  • 01/2017 Dr. Diether Reusch: FDT 4 Instrumental functional analysis for pre-treatment and prosthetics
  • 03/2016 Dr. Diether Reusch: FDT 1 Basics of occlusion for dentists
  • 09/2015 Zirkonzahn Special: THE PRETTAU BRIDGE A Speaker: Andreas Schulte
  • 04/2014 BEGO “AESTHETIC DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY” Speaker: MDT Wolfgang Weisser
  • 03/2001 Completed training as a dental technician