Our Reception team here at our bright and beautiful premises at Wimpole Street Dental Clinic in central London, have a deep appreciation of the dental issues affecting our patients from both the introduction to dentistry level training they have completed with us and also their professional sector experience providing a rich resource of knowledge you can readily call upon to answer general questions about your forthcoming treatment either by phone or email or indeed in person, which can put you at ease before your appointment begins. If you ever experience a dental emergency, rest assured that our Reception team are empathetic to the situation as you describe, flexible enough in their scheduling of the day’s appointments and agile enough to respond promptly to secure the right dental specialist for you to assist at the earliest opportunity, if at all possible, to do so.

Creating a professional & welcoming environment

We pride ourselves on offering a feel-good atmosphere so you will always receive a friendly, courteous and personal welcome as you check-in with us for your dental appointment or contact us to make your next scheduled visit. Our Reception team schedule the professional time of all our dentists and surgeons and know their specialities so can advise you on both their availability in the weeks and months ahead and also their specialist practice and research interests if you are considering a specific treatment option in the near future and need further information prior to making your decision whether or not you wish to proceed.

Looking after our patients

We know that you may be attending an appointment which involves a treatment which is currently unfamiliar to you and so you may have a range of concerns about it or you may be experiencing discomfort which has led to you attending clinic today. Our reception area is a very comfortable, light and open space for you to relax in so you can gather your thoughts and questions effortlessly ahead of the time you spend with your dentist or dental hygienist. We are very respectful and attentive of your waiting times and would be delighted to offer you refreshment in the form of a good cup of coffee or tea, should you so wish.

Our Reception team work in harmony with our modern and spacious premises to create a calming, professional environment. We can offer you plenty of cosy seating and ample reading materials including any information you require on all the modern premium dentistry treatments we provide here at our dental clinic and surgery.

In addition, our Reception team’s conscientious attention to detail when it comes to organising all of your information and dental documentation is made easier and more efficient due to our clinical and business commitment to digital dentistry, present throughout our professional practice. Rest assured that your dentist or dental hygienist will be in full receipt of all your diagnostic data needed at the touch of a button to create your optimum dental care plan, just for you and your individual case, as presented in clinic, today.

Lina Vacaitiene

Mrs Lina Vaicaitiene

Head Receptionist/Referral Coordinator

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Mr Karol Acewicz


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Mrs Sofia Guerrini


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Mrs Emanuella Sarro

Referral Coordinator

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